10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops in 2014

Hi Friends, today I’m here with an awesome thing. I’m going to share a list of top most expensive Laptops. Surely they will be used by great professional geeks. These laptops are the sign of modern technology.  The modern technology has changed everything including the cost of Laptop’s.

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

In this modern technology world every person needs a gadget such as smartphone, tech gadgets, laptops, PC, and more. Even they need to use it for their communication. Surely these devices are going to help them a better in future. According to the features, design, demands the tech gadgets costs are determined. If the cost is high, then the feature present in that device may have that much capable for it.

 We spend lot of money for buying new tech gadgets. You can find many laptop brands and designs. Do you have seen these expensive Laptops till now? These laptop is having the higher processing speed, so the workload in no time. I’ve listed them according to the cost, features and demands. Let’s take a look over them…

List Of Most Expensive Laptops

#10 Acer Ferrari 1100 [Price- $3000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Acer Ferrari 1100 is a popular expensive laptop. This is an weightless expensive laptop. It cost about $3000. This lap comes out with elegant and delicate style. This laptop was covered with resistant carbon fibre. This will fulfil all the requirements needed to the users. This laptop has good batter capacity with an user friendly environment. This laptop is more famous due to it’s name, Acer Ferrari 1100. It was designed similar to Ferrari cars.

#9 Dell M6400 [Price-$3000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Dell is a best PC/Laptop manufacture company. This most expensive laptop is among the Dell’s production. Dell M6400 costs $3000. This laptop also fulfil all requirements of user. This is similar to notebook type laptop. But, it has a great design and with pre-loaded 1 GB supported Graphic card. It also has many features for it’s cost.

#8 Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660 [Price-$3500]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660 is a popular expensive laptop which comes with 2 GHz Dual core processor. So, they speed will be good. It cost about $3500. The design of this product is totally good. And it is suitable for multi task works and for multi purpose. It has a display of 17 inches with HD-DVD drive.

#7 Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS [Price-$4500]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Lenovo Thinkpad comes out with 17 inches display and with 2.53 GHz processor. It also has 4 GB RAM. it cost is around $4500. Just like other laptops, this laptop is same. It is suitable for multi task works.

#6 Rock Xtreme  SL8 [Price-$5000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Rock Xtreme  is a popular and best laptop for this world. This laptop comes out with 8 GB RAM support. This is suitable for playing games. It also equipped with Intel core 2 quad processor. This laptop cost about $5,000. It also has a good look. This will surely fulfil all the requirements needed for the user.

#5 Alienware  Area 51 [Price-$5000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Alienware  Area 51 cost about $5000. The main feature in this laptop is, it support HD requirement. It is light in its weight like Acer Ferrari. It has Intel Core 2 and with 2 GB of RAM.

#4 VooDoo Envy H:171 [Price-$8500]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

VooDoo Envy costs about $8500. This is an best and elegant expensive laptops. It supports 4 GB of RAM. It has a big display of 17 inch with good resolution. It  has 250 GB hard disk. This laptop has good outlook and with great design. It also has 7 in 1 memory card reader.

#3 Ego For Bentley [Price-$20.000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

This laptop is also an popular among the expensive laptops. This laptop will cost about $20.000. This laptop has 160 GB hard disk with an awesome design. This laptop will look just like a fashion stuff. And this laptop comes out with ten different colours.

#2 Tulip  E-GO Diamond [Price-$355,000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Tulip  E-GO Diamond comes with elegant design. Its costs about $355,000. This is so high, but it comes out with 2 GB of RAM and with 160 GB Hard disk. Here the design is the expensive.

#1 Luvaglio [Price- $10,00,000]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops 2014

Luvaglio is popularly know for an millionaire Laptop due to it’s cost. It costs around $10,00,000. This is the one which ranks first in most expensive laptops. This device comes out with an MP3 player. And it will also support solid state drive of 128 GB. This device has LED display of 17 inches with anti glare screen. It also has 128 GB Hard disk.

Hope you will like these expensive laptops and you’ll get amazed after seeing it. If you find that I’ve missed anything in this list or suggestion then share it with us in comments. Share your thoughts in comments below. Do some likes and share this article with your friends. Cheers 🙂
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