10 Thing You May Not Know About Magento

Magento is a revolutionary eCommerce platform that makes online selling very easy. It is easy to build a store, manage it and make it pack a punch just as you would love to stay unique and stand out. However, despite Magento having been here for a long time, many people still do not know many things about it.

Here are a few things that you may don’t know about Magento.

  1. In 2017, Magento took home the Global Ecommerce Platforms Product Line Strategy Leadership Award. This award was from renowned business consulting company Frost & Sullivan.
  2. It was a fork-off the parent software, meaning that the open code of the osCommerce platform was split and further developed to form Magento. However, this would grow in leaps and bounds to become the independent eCommerce platform that it is even to an extent of overshadowing its predecessor.
  3. The initial idea for Magento was to leave the code open source, meaning that storeowners could develop it further if they wanted to make it meet their unique needs. Today, you can add plugins and extensions to make the platform meet your business needs.
  4. There are more than 5000 extensions on Magento, all for business owners to use to meet their needs. You can fully customize your store to meet your needs perfectly and have a store that is the only one of its kind on this platform.
  5. There is a Magento 2, which was released in 2015 and business people already on the first platform can switch onto the second one, but they should know they will have to rewrite the code from scratch again. Big con there!
  6. There were more than 4 million downloads for the Magento software in the year 2012. The software was used in more than 150,000 stores online. Today, there are more than 5000 downloads of this software happening in the world.
  7. The creators of Magento – Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner had wished to make the main color of the system to be magenta. That is how the system got its name, Magento from the color magenta. However, when they went to register the name, they found that magenta.com had already been taken and therefore they opted for Magento. It stuck, to date.
  8. In 2011, eBay acquired a majority controlling interest of Magento. In June of the same year, they became the sole shareholders of Magento and integrated PayPal into the system.
  9. Very popular companies, you know, the who-is-who of the business world use Magento. Coca Cola, Ford, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Samsung, Olympus and Nestle Nespresso are just some of the big shots that use this platform. There are almost 500,000 companies using the software in the world today.
  10. Magento is open source software meaning that its source code is available. This also makes it one of the most secure eCommerce platforms in the market.
  11. Today, Magento has more than 26% of the entire eCommerce market and this is expected to keep growing as more business keep on launching on the platform.

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Creating a unique template to suit your needs for your ecommerce business is not always so easy and you may require to hire a programmer to do that for you. It can be pretty hefty work. And Magento makes everything easy for you. If you are yet to dig deeper into this matter, check this Magento punchout catalog example and know the ways to take all the advantages of Magento ecommerce platform and some unique technologies available for your business today.

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