10 Ways to Make Money Online and Get Paid

Do you ever find yourself yearning for more?

Maybe it is for more friends, more clothes, more knowledge…

But, one thing most people find themselves yearning for more of is money.

You need it for everything – food, clothes, transportation, and even just a roof over your head.

While most people have a full-time job, or even at least a part-time job, the salary or annual pay of the traditional 8 to 5 job just doesn’t always cut it…

Thanks to the internet, making money does not necessarily have to entail showing up in a uniform and clocking in for a second job on the weekends.

You can snag some extra cash even from the comfort of your own couch…

That’s right – you can make money while wearing your snuggly footed pajamas, too.

So, whether you are looking for some extra money to pay off your credit cards faster, boost your savings account, or maybe even buy your first home, here are some ways to make a few extra bucks online:

10 Ways to Make Money Online and Get Paid

  1. Take surveys and get paid.Do you have an opinion on just about everything?If you answered yes and you are looking to make a little extra money, then surveys might be top on the list for you!Companies will pay people to participate in surveys so they can gather customer and user data, and use this to improve their products and marketing efforts.

    It might not be the most interesting or fastest way to make a buck, but it will get the job done.

    Visit sites like CashbackResearch.com or Swagbucks.com to get started.

  2. Sell stuff on eBay.I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…“Kill two birds with one stone.”Well, you can do just that with this money-making tip…

    Instead of hoarding all your old items and clothes you no longer need or use, do some spring cleaning and sell your stuff on eBay. With around 171 million active users, there is sure to be a buyer for just about everything you have lurking in your garage.

  3. Create a blog.Is writing your forte? Start a blog!A blog is a great way to funnel out your emotions, inspire people, and make a name for yourself.But, by promoting other products and brands or offering advertisements on your site, you can start a steady stream of side income as well.
  4. Become a YouTube star.With the option of being paid per view, big endorsements, and ad revenue, some YouTube stars have made it their full-time career.Whether you are a rad skateboarder with smooth moves or a makeup enthusiast, try your hand at creating videos.
  5. Become a virtual assistant.Plenty of people – companies and individuals – are willing to pay people to respond to emails, proof read documents, and create their schedule.Getting paid to sit on your couch and organize someone else’s life? Yes, please!
  6. Promote brands and organizations on your social media sites.Similar to promoting brands on your blog, you can promote brands and their specific products on your social media site as well.Typically, a brand ambassador is paid in money or products, but possibly sometimes in the form of gift cards. Simply sign up and upload pictures and statuses of you using their product.They gain followers, you gain cash – it’s a win, win situation.
  7. Buy domain names for resale.Unless you have started a business or your own site, you might not have run into this problem before…But thousands of others have:You create a unique company name, but when you go to set up your site, the domain is taken.

    However, it can typically be bought.

    So, with just a small investment up front, you can buy domain names and then sell them at other’s request at a higher price. Cha Ching!

  8. Provide online tutoring.Are you a math whiz?Or, maybe you can write an English paper like nobody’s business?Several parents and even students are more than willing to pay someone to tutor them online for just a few hours each week.

    Brush up on your skills and help someone else improve theirs – all while getting paid!

    Online tutoring can be a great source of income – most people getting paid high hourly rates.

    Become an online tutor for Maths, physics, chemistry and economics at Smiletutor.sg

  9. Buy and resell local items.Are you a garage sale lover or are swap meets your weakness?Regardless of wherever you like to purchase your random and unique items from, did you know you could make a profit off of them?That’s right – turn your shopping addiction into cash! Buy local and resell online.
  10. Sell handmade items.If you have a hobby such as crocheting or sewing, major sites like Etsy offer an easy-to-use platform for selling handmade items.You can start your own business basically at the click of a button!
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