4 Major Problems Occurs while you Stop Blogging!

Everyone should do their works or jobs regularly leaving any gap. Likewise, the most important work that every Blogger should need to follow is to update their blog regularly depending upon their blog niches and content they provide. Hope you guys are doing like so! Updating your blog without leaving any gaps can makes your reader fine, impress everyone and finding new peoples via search engines, to earn more and to gain more traffic for your blog. But, due to some problems you’re not able to update your blog regularly and made you to lose your relationship with your blog at least for one week. Did you’ve ever imagine, what is gona to happen when you don’t update your blog constantly?

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Stop Blogging!

Some beginners will not know what will happen when they don’t update their blog regularly? Today in this article I’m going to share the Problems while you don’t update your blog regularly and the ways to solve those problems.  First of all, lets we take a look over those problems which arise while not updating our blog 

#1 Decrease in your Website/Blog Traffic

Getting more traffic for your blog is a difficult task. But after gaining it, you need to maintain to gain more than previous. We won’t like to decrease them but we like to increase. Blog traffic may decrease due to many reasons. Among those, lack in updating your blog too decreases your blog traffic. You may have got thousands of fans, who are looking for a new article from you. If you don’t update, that may be a disappointment for them and to all those who reach your blog via search engines. If it happens so, they won’t visit your blog anymore. This may be a big drawback for your blog, if you don’t update your blog regularly.

#2 Decreases in Your Blog Revenue

As your blog traffic decreases, there may be decrease in your website/blog earnings. Many bloggers use several types of Advertising Network on their blog for increasing their earnings. But if there is no big traffic for your blog, it’s totally a waste of time for using those ad networks in your site. For gaining more traffic you need to update your blog regularly with new article which must impress all your visitors. If you don’t update your blog continuously, then surely your revenue will decrease and there is no doubt about this case. So, update your blog continuously.

#3 Break in Relationship between Readers & Author

As you’re not blogging/updating your blog continuously, there may be break in your relationship between your blog readers and for you. If you’re not having any touch with your blog for a week, then one of your readers is sharing his thoughts in comment as a question. And he is waiting for your reply/answer, so he is checking your blog daily for 4 days and got bored. Likewise, there will be many visitors who will be waiting for your new article and to become as your loyal readers. If you don’t update your blog then this may be a great disappointment for them. So, if you notify them by adding a notice box as I will not be active for a week, then your readers won’t unsubscribe your blog and they will wait till for your next update. This will not lose your relationship between readers and author.

#4 Decreases in your Blog Rank and Crawling

If you don’t update your blog regularly, your blog articles may not be crawled well. So you blog may be visible in search result and as result your blog will get less traffic. Though, you get less traffic your blog Rank which includes Google Page, Alexa rank. As your blog crawl rate decreases, it may affect your blog rankings as I mentioned before. So try to share interesting article regularly.
The best way to gain more traffic is by blogging continuously without leaving any break. Hope, this article will be useful. If it so, kindly share this article and your thoughts in comments below. Cheers J
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