5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office for Windows, Mac, Linux

Everyone have learnt or known about Microsoft office, that is an product from Microsoft. MS office is that the awe-inspiring software accessible for office use. MS office program may be a collection of many code you’ll even call as office Suite. Microsoft office are updated frequently. Microsoft is updating it with some new options. So, each one likes to use MS office in their device for his or her office purpose. They will not apprehend that there square measure some best various accessible for Microsoft office.

Several Opensource groups place their best experiences to beat the Microsoft office tools. However still currently they failed to reach it. MS office isn’t a software, thus by using this case several developers are giving their office tool for free of cost. Currently in this article, we’ve picked some best alternatives to Microsoft office here. You ought to take a glance on that before getting MS office. Here are the list of best 5 Open source alternatives to MS office.

Libre Office

5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

Libre Office is the Free of cost use Office suite. This tool came from Openoffice.org, and we picked this tool for its better quality. For our view, Libre is the best alternative to Microsoft Office tool. In Libre Office suite you can get free word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation application, a database apps and with many tools. This tool is available for Windows, Mac, Linux OS.

Supporting OS : Windows, Mac, Linux

Google Docs

5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google Docs is free office suite from the “Internet King” Google Team. This is totally an Web based Office Tool, you can use this tool online for editing your text documents. Now, recently Google Docs was integrated with the Google Drive. By using this tool you can create and edit your documents online. Here you can find word, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Even you can edit Microsoft Office documents here online for free. It is very simple and easy to use this Office tool. The only main disadvantage is this tool is available only for Internet based works.

Supporting OS: Not support any OS only Online Use.

Apache Open Office Suite

5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

Apache Open Office is a best alternative for MS Office. This is a free Office suite & the most Popular Office tool next to MS Office. You can get all features which was present in MS office like Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations and more. Here also you can edit the Microsoft office file directly, even you can save them in Apache Open Office Suite. Here in this tool the style will be different than the MS Office tool. So you should learn the tutorial before using it.

Supporting OS : Windows, Mac, Linux


5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

NeoOffice is a free Office suite available for Mac. This tool is just like Open Office suite. It has all the features just like Open Office suite. Here also you can get tools like word, spreadsheets, presentations and more. In the last update, this tool has retina display support. Just make a try.

Supporting OS : Mac

Office Web Apps

5 Best Alternatives to MS Office for Windows, Mac and Linux

User can use Office Web Apps in Sky Drive. It is just like Google Drive. This tool will allow the users to edit and share documents online. You can use this tool online, at any place. This tool is offering the user 7 GB storage for free. You can find all the tool here, which you find in Microsoft Office Suite. Just try to use those 7 GB Storage and share your feedbacks here.

Hope you like these tools mentioned above. If you have any other best alternative tools for MS Office, just leave those in comments. If you feel that this article is useful do some likes and share your thoughts in comments. Work Hard to Light your Life!!!! Cheers:)

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