5 Best Ad Blocking Apps for Android Devices to get Rid out Ads!

Online Advertisement is the best proven way to promote the advertiser product and it will make money from the publishers. Anyway, it has some use for everyone including the encounters, i.e., the people who encounter those ads. These types of online ads helps the webmasters and app developers to share free contents with us. You can find more ads only on free versions, but on paid version you can’t find them. Those ads will better in front of visitors, but if the ads count increases more then one per screen or page then it won’t look good. So, they should be maintained in limited numbers.

5 Best Ad Blocking Apps for Android for Free

Now a days, developers are publishing ads even on android games. Teen guys will be 5 Best Ad Blocking Apps for Android for Freeplaying games interestingly, and at some points they may click those ads and get tensed. So majority of peoples won’t like to have ads on their page. For those people, here the following apps comes in. Surely, these apps can block all your ads that appear on your Android Mobile. So just these apps on your mobile and enjoy ad free surfing the internet.

Best Android Apps for Annoying Ads on your device:

#1 AdAway

Ad away is the best app for blocking ads on your android device. But for using this app you need to root your device. So if your mobile is already rooted then you can go ahead and get this app installed on your android mobile. You are even allowed to block certain domains by importing your own host files. This will allow you to download host files that contains many IPs where the ads are served and finally the ads are blocked by showing an empty space in the ad place. You can download this directly from Google Play Store for free.

#2 Ad block Plus

Ad block Plus is an popular ad blocking available for major platforms as plugins. This app will selects automatically the best blocking ads features by using it awesome algorithms. As like Ad away, you need an rooted device for using this app too on your android device. You can use this app on non-rooted mobiles with less advantage than the rooted users. This app has the awesome feature to integrate with Mozilla Firefox, if installed on your device. Just give an try for this awesome tool in your device.

#3 AppBrain Ad detector

For some apps, while downloading them it will automatically creates some unneeded bookmarks on your home screen. So if you’re facing problems like this, then you can go for this app, AppBrain Ad Detector. This app will prevents all ads and block them on your device and make your browsing tense free. This app has claimed to block over 1,00,000 games ads. And also, it detect ads and block them before you go to that page. This app is available for free, download it in from Google Play Store.

#4 NoRoot Ad Remover Lite

As the name implies, this app can be used on non-rooted devices. You can find ads even on Google play store, and those ads can’t be blocked but No root Ad Remover Lite can block them. Like the above one, this app will also block about 1,00,000 games ads. You can download this app directly from Google Play store for free.

#5 TrustGo Ad Detector

The main aim of this app to block and remove the unauthorized contents which open often on some applications. This app can surely protect some leaking any personal information stored on your mobile. This app will allow only authorized apps to install on your device. You can download Trust go Ad Detector from Google play store for free.

By using these above mentioned applications, you can get rid of all those unwanted ads on your android device. If you found that I’ve missed any thing, in share it in comments below! Do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us grow! (Image credit: Lifehacker)

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