5+ Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Google Alert is used to share your articles, products or your brands, etc,. Any way it is a best and an useful tool. But using the old Google Alert to new one is somewhat needed to think a while. In Google Alert Google is just crawl the web links and they will send you an alert about the new post, products anything else which you published before.  Here is one drawback, in Google Alert it will not work always like advertised and it will ignores some social media websites. Sometimes it is not working properly. So if you’re in search of best alternative for Google Alert then you’re in right place for getting your result. Before searching an alternative you might thought this work will be easy.
5+ Best Alternatives to Google Alerts

Now in this article we’re going to discuss up with some best alternatives for Google Alert which is ready to use. But for searching a best one you have make some complete search on internet. Well but you know need to search for this time. Now, you can get it from get.


This tool is a social search engine which makes the users to understand the topic easy. This is the best alternative for Google Alert. Here there are two plans. You can be free or paid member. This will allows you to create alerts. For creating it you need to sign up there and customize your alert and publish it to the public. You can connect by using Twitter, Facebook and this will allows to search word tracked to Twitter and this is not for the full [entire] web.


This is an alternative for Google Alert next to Topsy. This is also an social search engine and it has the ability to take us across the social media, news, and more. Here you can set up email alerts. You can use keywords and you can analyze your alerts. You can monitor your brands.

Talk Walker

Talk Walker is a good alternative for Google Alert. Here also you can create alert and you can monitor your alert which was published on social media, news, blog and more like the previous on SocialMention. By using Google Alert you can send real time email alerts. Like it,  Talk Walker also have this feature with it. Here you can also able to subscribe to the search results through RSS feeds.  So this will works like Google Alert, but however duplicate can’t beat the original.

Hyper Alerts

This tool is not with the keyword based search. But it will allow you to send email alerts anytime on your FB [Facebook]  page. The main advantage of this tool is it can send email within a minute of a comment once posted on your blog wall. But, you can’t set up an alert with Facebook.
Here I have listed some other alternatives for Google Alerts. Please check it out,

Google Alert is really a good tool. But there are lot and lots of new tool for sending alerts about your brands, product, posts,etc., Please try these alternatives tools for Google Alert and share your thoughts in comment. If you have any suggestion about any other tool which is not mentioned here then tell us in comments ! 

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