5 Best Fitness Apps for Android to make you Healthy

Due to lots of improvements in technology sectors, people are being careless about their health. They are not taking care of their body and focusing only on the new arrival tech gadgets. As one quotes says that “Health is Wealth”and without health you can’t do nothing. So those people should think lot of this. Tech gadgets usually have many apps, which help to keep you body fit and healthy. They can be used to track your body fitness and health.

5 Best Fitness Apps for Android to make you Healthy

There are many mobile platforms are available. But among those, Android is gaining more votes. And the awesome thing here is, these body fitness apps are too available for your Android Smartphones. Many peoples are looking for these apps for downloading the best ones because there are many healthy fitness apps available for android devices. New, we’ve some collection of best healthy fitness apps, which can guide you.

#1 RunKeeper

RunKeeper is the most popular fitness app for Android devices which was used by over 26 millions of people throughout the world. This app is doing it’s job in correct way so that people has more trust on it. This app will provide all details about your all your fitness including the distance you walked, the calories and more. The most amazing thing here is, it uses Sensors to track or heart beat rates. Just give an try for it and check all features found in this app by yourself.

#2 Moves

As the name implies, this app will track all your moves. The moves includes walking, sleeping, and all your movements, all that you need to do is just want to keep your smartphone in your pocket. Here, you can find another feature Called Pedometer which can track your steps too.Use story mode options, for easy mode exercise tips.

#3 Nike+ Running

You may heard about the popular fitness product Nike. Among them, Nike+ Running is one. This app has other features with an sensor to count and track your health. It also have audio clues for better healthy tips easily. Though with lots of features this application ranks third in our list. So, just give an try for it on your Android device.

#4 Lose It!

As the name implies, this app will help you to lose your body weight and make you fit by giving necessary tips. This can track and record all your daily activities and suggest you to improve yourself by giving awesome tips for being healthy. You can set goals and when you achieve them, you will be great with your body. Try it!

#5 Book Weight Loss Coach

This is an awesome app for your Android mobiles which can coach you and make your body fit, with diet tracker and with more thing. This app will remind you before and after what to do?  This app can surely reduce your body weight and make it fit.

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Try all those app mentioned above and share your thoughts in comments. Do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us to grow. Have a healthy life with wealth!
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