5 Best Online Tools for Teams Working Remotely

Last two days I attended an Workshop on Developing Android Apps and those events gave me an boost to write this article. In that workshop, me and my friends were ganged up with an team for developing new android app. From that, I’ve experienced a lot about Team Work. Actually, team work made me good and I realized a lot about Team work. Among those things, the first thing I experienced was the working speed. Than solo, unity of an team can speed up all your works. Here I’m not gona to share about the advantages of Team Work. But, related to Remote Team Work i.e, team working remotely from various places.

Most of the people are gathering as an team and making their work better for others satisfactions. Among those, guys use their smart phones, tablets, laptops and by using desktops. Even they share their works via online tools. So, I’m here to share some best online tool for sharing their team work remotely.  Now a days, the usage of remote working is increasing in it’s number. Due to lot’s of improvements in communication field, the remote working does not bother about the place or locations. With the help of internet connectivity it is possible to do all these things.

tools for team works remotely

Many web services and developers created many tools for ease communications between team members. Those tools can allows the users to share files, chatting with worked as an video conference and more. There are many services available over internet, but here we have some hand picked tools for ease use.

#1 Asana (www.asana.com)

Asana, is the most popular tool for this case. This tool allows the users to manage their tasks, and their goal with simple understandable document files. Hopefully this tool will be helpful for those guys who depends on complicated management systems for better work. This tool is available for both iOS and for Android mobiles. So you can have it on your hand without messing up with anything.

#2 Google Hangouts (www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/)

Google Hangout is an popular product from Google. This tool will provide an excellent video chatting experiences with high quality. This tool is mostly used for having conference calls, where you can hold up to 10 peoples in your conference call. So, it can be an best alternative for Skype. Google hangout will be an best tool to get connected with your team guys. Give an try for it!

#3 Dropbox (www.dropbox.com)

Like other tools, this tool also have other features in it. You may heard about Dropbox, which is an well know app with it’s services. It allows you to share your files by dropping your files in a folder to all your team members. This is an old tool, but with many advantages. So make sure you have this tool on your device.

#4 Framebench (www.framebench.com)

This is an awesome tool for collaborating all your files for sharing with your team guys. You are allowed to make discussions over here by dropping comments as well as it will be notified to everyone present on your team. While members are online, then you can real time meetings and threaded comments with ease access. Users are allowed to share media files, and to play them within the service. Hope these things can make your things simple. Why are waiting? Try it on your mobile now!

#5 Hipchat (www.hipchat.com)

By using this service, it is possible to keep all your team guys tracking with awesome chat interface. This tool have great user friendly interface for ease use. This tool is also providing service bots, where by using this way you can help everyone by giving some task to them and get contacted with them easily.

So now you’re wondering about these tools mentioned above. These apps will surely provide you the same results as other ones. What do you think about these tools? Whether it will be an better tool for Remote Team work or not? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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