5 Best Unpopular Cloud Storage Apps for Android Mobiles!

Cloud Storage is an Online Storage service for storing files, documents, media files and more online.There are many cloud storage available over Play Store and among them some app like Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, etc., are still popular till today. So there are still some unknown cloud storage apps for android devices.


Due to it’s unpopularity, don’t mine thing that these apps won’t have any best features like the popular ones. These unpopular apps also has best useful feature than the best one. If you use these app, then you will not search for any alternative for it. So guys, here are five unpopular cloud storage apps for Android which are hand picked by us. Let’s take a look over them…

#1 Copy

Copy is an best app and one of the lesser known cloud storage app available for both for Desktops and for Android. This app offers you about 15GB of storage for storing files, media files, documents, and more. This app has more features which you can’t find them on other apps. Without having any mess, you can copy images and media files over to your cloud storage account easily through Photocopy. And it is also an easy task to upload images to your online account quickly after capturing it. So it proves it’s fast and it’s quaity of protections. Just give an try for it!

#2 Cubby

After Copy, Cubby gots more features under unpopular Cloud Storage app for Android devices. This app let you to have unlimited documents and you can share those documemts in public by having an link for it. So, by this way your friends too can access your documents, files, etc., Besides, this app is offering you with 5GB free storage space to store your files online. So with Cubby, you are allowed to lots and lots of things rather and uploading and downloading files online.

#3 SpiderOak

You can share your files and documents online with high security, because your contents will not be theft. The main advantage for using this app on your device, though it is follwng Zero-Knowledge privacy policy. And also you can upload files to your cloud storage upto 2GB. This offer is available for our lifetime period till you use this one. This app also allow your friends to view your shared files by having a small link. SpiderOak is available for both Desktop and for Android devices.

#4 Bitcasa

Mot of the people use this app for it’s 20GB free storage offer. This offer as given to all free users and it also has integrated Android app with new features than the others. This app let you to upload videos to your cloud storage easily. You are allowed to mark your favourite files and documents, and that will be saved for further purpose. You can share your files by using the integrated share butto available over the android application. So, just download and install this app on your device.

#5 SurDoc

As like the above ones, this app also has some new features than those apps. Here you are allowed to upload Junk files and other documents. You will be offered with 100GB cloud storage and with best user friendly interferences. You can take an look over all document files like word or anything else. Give an try for it!

Final words:

Most of the peoples are using more than one cloud storage. You can many cloud storage apps over play stores. But choosing the best one is an big task. After having a look these apps, you might have choosed the best app for your device. Whether we are missing something? Then Drop it in comments below. Cheers:-) 

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