5 Reasons why you should choose Plagramme plagiarism checking software to check Plagiarism

What is Plagramme?

Plagramme is probably the best free plagiarism checking tool. This advanced plagiarism checker tool is powered by a set of unique features and algorithms. In this article, we will review Plagramme plagiarism checking tool. To get a better understanding of Plagramme plagiarism checking software, we will first start with plagiarism.


What is Plagiarism?

Content marketing is one of the most important elements of the online marketing industry. When you are into content marketing, you have to upload quality as well as unique contents in massive amounts. Now, when we have to create a large number of articles it is meaningful that we have to learn about the topic from the internet. This means that the small source of information available on the internet will be edited and it will spin again and again through innumerable posts. This leads to plagiarism. In simple words, direct copy-paste or edits with minimum modification leads to plagiarism.

Why Plagramme?


To be practical, you will find plenty free plagiarism checking tools in the internet and some of them are really great. Plagramme comes with some extra benefits which act like x-factors. Due to those, we can simply make a conclusion that Plagramme is really one of the best free plagiarism checking tools ever. Some of the core us abilities of this plagiarism checker is mentioned below:

  1. Unlike most other plagiarism checking free tools, there are no limits of plagiarism checking. One can simply upload as many documents as required to check plagiarism. Further, they can modify the write-up after every plagiarism check-up and then recheck plagiarism. Plagramme will be most convenient with the students and evaluators. One can even rectify the mistakes by doing necessary edits and share documents with teachers by entering teachers email addresses on the checked document. Teachers will be also able to give a feedback.
  2. Only a few of additional services are charged, else this tools checks plagiarism of unlimited number of documents for free. Further, a user also gets free credits for sharing an opinion on social media. They can simply collect credits and use it on purchasing a paid service offered by Plagramme.
  3. The plagiarism test reports can be downloaded. Improperly marked citations, paraphrases will be highlighted and the original will be suggested to the right side of the document.


5 Reasons Why you should choose Plagramme Plagiarism Checking Software:

Up next, we will describe some of its key features for which you should choose Plagramme as your plagiarism checking tool.

1.     Ease to use Interface –

Plagramme Plagiarism Checking Tool comes with a very uncomplicated and easy to use user interface. The navigation system is so simple that even not so tech-savvy peoples can use this tool easily and efficiently. If the content gets passed with Plagramme, one can be sure that it will pass any other plagiarism tests. Both .doc as well as .docx extensions are supported. These two are the most widely used document files so you won’t face trouble uploading your document file.

2.     Advanced Scoring –

Almost all the existing free plagiarism checkers simply check plagiarism and scores on a basis of percentage and nothing else. The Plagramme plagiarism checker comes with a handful of enhancements in its scoring technique.  Initially, just like another Plagiarism checking tool, Plagramme dictates the plagiarized components found in the content with its algorithm. The tool then suggests whether the created content contains too much paraphrasing, the risk of plagiarism, and abnormalities in terms of bad citations. This part is total innovation as no other plagiarism checking tools offer the upcoming suggestions. This feature will help to check academic writing more than blog write-ups. In the recent years, excessive use of citations in academic papers has led to a difficult situation for the evaluators. With this tool, wrong and indiscriminating citations will be highlighted with a few seconds. When you check a write-up with Plagiarism, it highlights plagiarized parts with red, god quotes with green, bad citations with purple and paraphrases with orange. Plagramme plagiarism checker scores your document twice. One is Similarity Score and the other is Plagiarism Risk Score. Plagiarism Risk Score indicates the concentration of those similarities. Altogether, you will either get a positive or a negative result. A positive result dictates that your paper is original enough to be submitted and a negative result dictates that you have to make some changes.

3.     Multilingual –

Probably, this is the one and only free plagiarism checking tool with this feature. In some cases, people simply use high-rated digital translators to translate an existing topic from foreign language to the language necessary and copy-pastes the translated content. The existing plagiarism checkers fail to address this kind of plagiarism. With Plagramme plagiarism checker, such translated contents can be identified and flagged easily.

4.     Unusually Strict Detection Algorithm –

Among crime branch officers, there is a proclamation that one should think like a criminal and then trace for the solution if one has to solve a crime. More or less, the job of al plagiarism checking also has the same rule, only the algorithm differs from software to software. Practically, no one will directly copy paste articles because those will be caught by any plagiarism checkers. What writers do is camouflage an existing article with the introduction of new words. Moreover, plagiarism checkers will also pass them off as being different from original and mark them genuine. However, this kind of camouflaging technique is caught by Plagramme’s algorithm. This feature will not only come handy for strict evaluators but also for writers to check the originality of contents.

5.     White – Color Character Detection –

In order to pass plagiarism tests, several writers copy-paste an article from the internet and then adds several alphabets and words throughout the write-up and color them white. This cannot be caught with bare eyes and plagiarism checkers also gives a green signal of passing to these as it differs from the original. This happens because sentences are changed at the structural level and further, the white color of alphabets and words cannot be visible since the color of the background is also white.

Some Other Features –

There are many other features as well such as it allows online edits, use of cloud storage to store your document and many more. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Plagramme checks plagiarism against a much larger basket of online content than most other tools.
  • It uses SSL security technology to connect you to a server through an encrypted link. No one may break in users account and upload documents instead of him/her. User have full control of their own uploaded documents (delete them or leave it on the dashboard).
  • On successful completion of the requirements of the declaration of Intellectual Property, Plagramme will process that information and protects your work.
  • Other than the free option there is paid version of the tool, where you can make payment via credit cards, online banking, and Paypal.


Conclusion –

We recommend you to use this wonderful Plagiarism checking tool at least once, in order to derive all these benefits. This tool will not only help the evaluators or bloggers but writers as well. From now on, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism anymore. With Plagramme Plagiarism checker, your problem of plagiarism is solved!

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