5 Tips for Increasing your Laptop Battery Life Time Period

You can increase your Laptop Battery Life for longer time by using this tips.Many of the Laptop battery was not working till the end even before the end.So use this tips for increasing your battery Life.Follow my instruction and increase,

Increase your Laptop Battery Life:- 

Optimize Your Power Settings:-

Choose an Power Saver Mode for your Laptop for increasing your Battery Life Time Period.

Turn-Off Wi-Fi Connection:-

Switch off your Wi-Fi connection while you are not using it.This will helps to increase Battery Life Time Period.

Adjust Screen Brightness:-

Use low Screen Brightness for your Laptop.And this is good for your Eyes also.Use this method for increasing the Battery Life.

Avoid External Devices:-

Disconnect all unwanted External Devices like USB and it is better to use Laptop Touch-Pad instead of using external mouse and Keyboard.This will increase your Battery Life time Period.

Scan Your  Hard Drive:-

Scanning and Defragmentation  makes your laptop hard drive work faster and it increase your Battery Life Period.Please follow these  method to Increase your Laptop Battery Life Time Period.
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  1. Sonnu

    Very useful tips

  2. Shiny

    For all laptops?

  3. Yes,for all laptop batteries this method will work


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