5+Best Anti-Virus Apps for Mac

Antivirus software’s are the most essential software’s for all devices including PC. But choosing the best antivirus is so difficult. So, I’m here to share some best antivirus for Mac. If you like to prevent your Mac PC then this article will be useful for you. Now, in this list I’ve added the best six antivirus software’s for your Mac PC or Laptop.Well, before starting lemme tell you that these Mac Antivirus have one feature in common. But the main reason for providing this list is to protect your PC.So now its your choice that you choose your free Antivirus for Mac.

5+Best Anti-Virus Apps for Mac

Avast Antivirus for Mac

st, the latest avast antivirus is absolutely free of cost to download. It boasts a new GUI and protects ur PC. Thia app can scans for malware in the real-time.It is also free of cost to download. The firm has launched a new product for Mac users. The firm has made this software free for all kind of usage, whether it’s for professional use or for personal use. You can download this app from the bellow given download link.

CalmXav Antivirus

This is an Open Source Software and rhis is available for Mac. CalmXav is launched for Mac users which is powered by Calmav. Many people may not be aware of CalmAV. But this is also an best antivirus for Mac.


Comodo is also another best app for Mac. To protect your Mac PC from virus malware attack then go for a lightweight antivirus launched by Comodo. This app will be surely helpful for your Mac.


If the above three apps are nor gud for ur choice then choose this app. This app is  also absolutely free of cost to download. iAntivirus for Mac users was launched by PC Tools. This will helps you to protects the files of your Mac.


This is also an beat antivirus forr Mac PC. This app will also gelps you to protect your files found on your Mac PC. You can  download it from here by clicking the below link.

Hope u like this list.If it so please sharr this article  with ur friend over the internet. If u feel that we have missed any software in this list, then make us to know it in comments bellow. Cheers:)

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