7 Tools to Create an Infographic in 30 Minutes

Infographics is one of the most effective visual ways of displaying information and generating an interest over the audience. Plenty tools are regularly launched which allows users to create better images. In this article, we will review Tools to Create an Infographic, which you will be able to create amazing infographics within a span of just 30 minutes. Let us go straight to the point.

inforgrpahic tool

Top best 7 infographic tools:

  1. Venngage –

Venngage allows you to select from a vast range of template variety. You can choose the template according to your personal choice which you think will suit your project in the best way. There are different categories of templates such as for infographics, for reports, for promotions, for posters, and many more. Moreover, within each category, you will find other sub categories. You will be able to easily choose the best template that will match your project from the list. Some of the sub categories under infographics are Statistical, Process, Timeline, Informational, Comparison, Geographical, Tutorial, Graphics, Charts and many more. All you have to do is select the best deal of template that will match your presentation and customize it manually according to your requirements. You are also allowed to add maps, tables, and charts in your infographic.


Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid Option – Monthly subscription at the rate of $15 per month.
  1. me

To make an infographic on this website, you have to register and log in to your account. Moreover, you can connect it to your social network accounts like that of LinkedIn or Facebook. to populate some of the information automatically. You will be able to choose your theme and template here in order to create your infographic.

Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  1. Canva

Canva is one of the best online infographic makers. This image tool allows you to create different kinds of designs. This tool won’t trouble you even if you don’t have basic designing knowledge. It offers you a range of templates to choose from which includes Twitter posts, Tumblr banners, Facebook posts, infographics and many more. These templates are totally free. Some of the templates include copyrighted icons and pictures as well which you can purchase. You can also replace those with your own elements. You can also start with choosing a blank canvas. As soon as you choose your template, Canva offers you a range of options such as adding an element library, some of which comes totally free and you have to purchase the rest. And yes, you can also upload your own element and add it to the image.

Canva -

Key features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid Options – Elements such as icons and photos.
  • Business Plan starts at the rate of $9.95 per month.
  1. Piktochart

You will be able to choose from a vast range of formats, posters, reports, infographics in terms of different shades, size, and shape from Piktochart. Here, you will be able to select a template from the list. Some are free, while some require a Lite or Pro Plan. Otherwise, you can also create your own infographic from scratch. All you have to do is select a template and drag and drop it to the dashboard to add graphics, text or other elements into it. You are allowed to add your own images.

 Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid option: Plans starts from $15 per month
  1. Visme

Visme is a very new online tool. Currently, it is in beta. The site offers you to create animations, presentations, mock-ups, posters, banners, infographics and many more. However, you have to register in order to use it. You have to log in to your Visme account and click on ‘Create New Visme’ to start with your work. Choose ‘Infographic’ option underneath it to create your infographic. Some templates are free while others require a premium account. It is fully customizable.

Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid Option – Plans start from $7 per month.
  1. ly

It is very easy to create infographics in easel.ly. Just like other sites offering similar service, you have to go to their home page and pick the template that will match your requirements. They offer ‘Start Fresh’ option which allows you to download their template and add your own elements into it. Otherwise, you can also download ready made templates from their library. Both are manually customizable according to your needs. easel.ly offers a variety of elements to add such as backgrounds, text, shapes, charts, images and many more.

Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid Option: Professional account at the rate of $3 per month.
  1. am

Just like any other infographic maker, you have to selct the template that will meet your requirements in infogr.am and customize it according to your project.

Key Features:

  • Price – Free
  • Paid Option – Starts from $15 per month

Conclusion –

We have mentioned 7 best tools for creating online infographics. Any of these tools will not take more than 30 minutes to create an informatics. The faster you make your template choice and the faster you complete your designing, the faster is the informatics created!


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    Hi Harshit, thanks for the post. I am planning on including infographic in my link building strategies and your post has really given an insight on where to create one.

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    Vizualizw.me, Canva.com are really awesome tools for creating eye-catching infogaaphic for a website or a blog site post!
    I always love Vizualizw.me & Canva.com. 😍😍😍😍😍


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