Top 7 Entertainment Tips While Traveling

Travelling is one tiresome thing to do, especially if you are travelling a long journey. This long journey can be in a bus, plane or rail. A journey can turn out to be boring, especially if you have nothing to do. A boring journey can even “Increase some Miles”. There are several things that you can do while travelling that can make your journey entertaining and shorter.

travel tips

The following are top 7 tips on what to do while travelling:

Get a paper and a pen

  •  Use them to play games like Hangman and Tic Tac Toe.
  • Try doodling if you have nothing else to do.
  • You can also try to find a small, foldaway travel game like chess that you can play with another person.
  • Before you realize you will already have covered some miles!

Bring some magazines or novels along

  •  You can read a lot of stuff from the magazine.
  •  Read stories, about celebrities, sports and many more. If you find some funny stories the better.These can help you pass the time while travelling.
  •  You can also borrow a novel or a book from your neighbor if you don’t have one.

Bring along iPod or an MP3 player

  • Before travelling load some music into your iPod or a portable mp3 player.
  • When you are on a long trip, listen to your favorite music. Select a playlist that is your favourite. This can help you drift into a nice sleep.
  • When you wake up you will be surprised by the amount of time passed!

Bring along a Portable DVD player

  • You can watch your favorite movies while travelling.
  • Select a movie that is entertaining. This can help break boredom in a big way. You will cover many miles unknowingly.
  • ·You can also watch your favorite series as you travel.

Bring along a cell phone or a portable gaming system

  • Before travelling buy a variety of games. This will give you many options to choose from.
  • Select a game that you like most.
  • Go for puzzle games they not only pass time, but help you exercise your brain.
  • A cell phone contains more fun things to do like mind games. Play the games to pass the time.

Bring along your Laptop

  • Before travelling ensure your laptop battery is well charged.
  • There are a lot of things to do with your laptop.
  • Play games, watch a movie, complete your work or chat with friends. You can even work while travelling!

Count up the number of things you see outside the window

  • This can be fun if you are travelling by bus or train.
  • You can have a tally of tall buildings, beautiful houses or the number of cars you overtake along the way.
  • This way you will have something to do and this will help you pass some time.
Travelling can be fun if you have something to do. It can also turn out to be boring if have nothing to do. If you are driving yourself on a long journey, make sure you undertake a DSA practical test to make you are fit to drive!
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