8 Best Insightly Alternatives for Your Business in 2020

2020 is the year to watch out for since it is going to herald a whole new way of doing business online with a new wave of trends, tools and technologies for teams that are working from various locations all over the world, to cater to clients who are also similarly spread all over the globe. With the current scenario, it has become even more imperative for us to seek out systems like CRM or customer relationship management as well as others like marketing automation so that we are able to automate the way we do business and reach out to more and more people across the globe so that no opportunity goes untapped. At the same time, this year would also bring in a number of changes in the way we do business and run our teams. Thus, bringing in the right CRM system like Insightly or alternatives to Insightly, has become the need of the hour.

Best Insightly Alternatives for Your Business in 2020

Before we actually go deeper into the list of Insightly alternatives, let us understand what a CRM system is and why your business needs one. A CRM system or a customer relationship management system delivers a three dimensional way of reaching out to customers, nurturing leads and making conversions, with the right information and functions built into the overall framework in keeping with each skill set and task assigned to each member of the team. So, it would be safe to say that the team management along with the overall management of customer information and relationships leading the customer along in the sales pipeline and buying journey – is what CRM is all about. There are a number of well known platforms that are offering softwares and cloud based apps that can help you host your CRM system for greater business results and efficacy of doing business in general. Needless to say, there are various plans and brands that you can choose from, so as to make the most of the most recent and upcoming trends in the market.

Insightly is one of the best know CRM platforms that has been used by people the world over. Yet, it is not the most affordable platform and it also leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of integration that seeks to keep all your information and functions on a single platform – including marketing automation. Accordingly, there are a number of Insightly alternatives that have come up in the market, to fill the gaps that this platform has left. Let us cast a glance on each of the alternatives to Insightly to help you understand which one would be best for your business and its operations that would lead to conversions and high revenues:

  1. EngageBay: This is one of the foremost Insightly alternatives which can help you take care of your CRM needs. This platform has already served over 12000 clients globally and has also managed to bring home several awards thanks to the full range of services that it offers at super affordable price points, making it one of the best alternatives to Insightly in today’s day and age. 
  2. Zoho CRM: With a number of integrative functions, this is also a decent Insightly alternative. With Zoho CRM, you can explore many features that would help you organize your information and functions into a wholesome CRM framework to service clients across the globe and with team members spread in various parts of the world as well. This is a relatively new platform that has a lot of takers. Yet, it does not have a full suite of features like EngageBay and other similar platforms and Insightly alternatives. 
  3. PipeDrive: This is also a well known alternative to Insightly thanks to its templates and features that enable you to create targeted campaigns with the help of all the information stored on its databases. With PipeDrive, you also get plenty of support and easy to use features. 
  4. Mother Node: This is a popular and upcoming CRM platform that enables you to host the entire system from a cloud, which makes it even more lucrative in terms of cost control. This is also similar to platforms like EngageBay and other Insightly alternatives that we may turn to. With a many features and scope for integration, you would be able to bring in many team members from various departments and functionalities to collaborate on this single platform with all the information in the right place. 
  5. BPM Online CRM now (Creatio) : This is also a new alternative to Insightly with a number of path breaking and easy to use features that go from integration to data storage and even analytics and insights for you. This platform is a new one that enables you to collaborate with many team members from across the globe. 
  6. Prosper Works: Much like its name, this Insightly alternative promises to give you an experience that will up the productivity quotient of your team in general. You would do well to check the affordability as against the range of features since they may not have a full suite of features like EngageBay and other Insightly alternatives. 
  7. Nimble: If you are on the lookout for a CRM platform that helps you conduct email marketing in a seamless manner across the desktops of various team members spread out in various locations, this might be the right platform for you. You can avail its various templates and the analytics as well as the integrative tools to make it worth your while. 
  8. Copper CRM: This is also a well-known cloud based CRM system that can help you bring your team and its varied functions as well as projects on a single platform in a seamless manner, which makes it quite a decent Insightly alternative in the long run. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be the best investment for your CRM needs! Not only do you get a number of features, but you can also integrate all your existing processes on this platform.



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