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About TripoSoft

Hi there! My name is Harshit Jain (Man Behind Triposoft). Welcome to Triposoft about page. Thanks for your interest in my blog. Here you will know about me and Triposoft.

About Me (Harshit Jain)

Harshit JainI am Harshit Jain, A part time blogger from Mumbai, Maharastra. I write about Windows, Technology, Gadgets, Android, iPhone, PC Tips and tricks. I am also working on my Toll Free Numbers Blog. Apart from Blogging, I love watching movies, hang out and Photography.

I started blogging in August, 2013. My friend Mahesh Charjan (Founder of TechCloud7.com) Helps me a lot to  learn many new things about Blogging, SEO, WordPress and other stuffs.
Now I share things what I learn. Keeping knowledge erodes power. Sharing is the fuel to your growth engine.

Talking about myself, I’m very simple guy who lives an easy going life. I am studying MCa at Mumbai University.

About TripoSoft

TripoSoft  is a blog where we  write about the following articles
  • Windows
  • Technology
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Gadgets
  • Android
  • IPhone
  • PC Tips and tricks
  • Review Post
  • And Many more.

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