How to Turn on Wifi Connection in Windows 8.1

As you know before, Windows 8.1 has new features and lots of improvements. I hope that you know this before that, Windows 8 and Windows 7 did not contain WiFi Hotspot. For connecting thier Wifi hotspots they need to use some third party softwares. These software can create a WiFi hotspot in the all previous versions of Windows operating system.

How to Turn on Wifi Connection in Windows 8.1

As this feature was not included in Windows 8, Microsoft has offered this features in the new version of Windows 8.1. Here, in Windows 8.1 you don’t need to create a WiFi hotspot. You need to activate it when your are in need.

Well, now in this article I’ll show you how to Enable WiFi in Windows 8.1 easily. It is very easy to activate wireless network connection in Windows 8.1. Anyway, I have listed some simple steps bellow for your views. All you need is to do is, just follow my simple steps without leaving anything. Here the tutorial starts…

How to Turn on Wifi in Windows 8.1

Step 1: First, Click the “Start” button in your Windows 8.1.

How to Turn on Wifi Connection in Windows 8.1

Step 2: Now in the search box found on the upper right corner, you need to type WiFi and wait for some seconds.

How to Turn on Wifi Connection in Windows 8.1

Step 3: Here, You can find many options. Now, just find the Network Connections in the search result.

Step 4: Now, just Click Network Connections to open WiFi connection.

How to Turn on Wifi Connection in Windows 8.1

Step 5: You can find the WiFi option is turned off. You need to Turn on it. For doing this just drag the White Button towards the right side by using your Mouse pointer. That’s it!

Hey guys, you have successfully activated the Wireless Network connection in your Windows 8.1. You can Check it. It will show you as the connection was “Activated” and your system will start connecting the WI-Fi connection. I hope you like this article. Please share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. If you have got any errors while activation your WiFi connection, then leave those errors in comment below.

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