How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Blog’s

Before launching the Google Chromecast, Google updated the YouTube subscribe button with new style. It also updated it with some new awesome features. In the old subcribe button, when the users click the subscribe button then it will redirected to YouTube channel page. This is waste of time and this method was desliked by many users. Now, in this new button, users are allowed to subscribe thier favourite YouTube Channels without leaving any sites. In other words, you will not be redirected unless you already signed with your Google account.

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Blog's

Well, now in this tutorial, I’ll help you to add the new button in your website easily. By adding this button, you can increase your site audience by making them subscribe your YouTube channel. And also it will make the users to visit your YouTube channel. Here users can subscribe your channel in one single click. By attracting the users to your cahnnel they will watch youir videos and it results in increasing your revenue from your YouTube videos. Anyway, it will useful to all bloggers.

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Blog's

There are three types of Subscribe buttons available for you Youtube channel. You can choose any one from those buttons. These buttons are like twitter tweet buttons with full layout and with dark color. Every buttons are having different themes. Lets see how to add YouTube Subscribe Buttons to your Website easily. If your website has dark theme, then you can choose dark or default theme.

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your WebSite

Step 1: Go to Google Developer and Select Configure a button section. 

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Blog's

Step 2: Then, Add your YouTube channel ID and select the layout and the theme for your button.

Step 3: Now, just copy the code and paste wherever you want to display in your blog/site.

Hope you like this tutorial. Kindly share your thoughts about the new design of the YouTube subscribe button in comments below. If you’re facing any errors while adding the new YouTube Subscribe Button then leave those errors in comments below. Have some fun 🙂

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