Adplexity VS Adperiscope – Detailed Comparison!

In this article, we will review one of the finest ad spy tools currently popular in the market, Adperiscope. If you are an affiliate marketer or you are into mobile marketing or you simply promote mobile or desktop ads then this is a must read article for you. Before we go to the depth, you should have an understanding of an ad spy tool.

What is an ad spy tool?

An ad spy tool simply spies on innumerous landing pages on which mobile or desktop campaigns are already running. As soon as you know what campaigns are being run currently, half of your work is already done. The best part is, these spy tools has something more to say than just showing what native ads are being run. It lets you know about the location of an ad campaign which will help you to set up a target location for your ad campaign in future.   On contrary, there is always an open opportunity for you to spy on native ads manually but that is a very tedious and time costly work to do. Almost all these ad spy tools are paid services but it is worth the investment as it not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you with real time stats.

The key is, in order to sustain in this domain, you should know what your competitors are silently cooking. An ad spy tool does the work for you. In simple words, an ad spy tool makes the life of an affiliate marketer easier.

Features offered by Adperiscope:

  1. Publisher list –

Adperiscope ad search covers a database of about 10 thousand publisher sites. It also lets you know which ad publishers are providing the highest rate of interest to the advertisers. In simple words, unlike other spy tools, you won’t have to settle with partial data. You will get a complete picture of the entire campaign that you are running along with your competitors and their performance sheet.

  1. Creatives list –

You will notice that top campaigns are not run by affiliates; top campaigns are mostly run by big companies. Spying these campaigns won’t help you much because the whole concept is different but it gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn and get ideas. Here, in this app, you will get “creatives” which are currently being run by ad campaigners or were successful in the past. Try to implement the ideas you earn from checking top campaigns into your campaign by using these “creatives”. It will help you to earn better.

  1. Landing Page –

For a given campaign, along with screenshots, all the landing pages are readily available.

  1. Setting the Target right –

Adperiscope ad spy tool lets you filter your data very precisely. For example, with this tool, you will be able to filter by mobile carriers, third party trackers, ad networks, banner dimension, country, language and many more.

  1. Simple easy to use search –

With the simple easy to use search, you will be able to search ads and banners via keywords. The tool matches all available banners with the keyword you enter.

  1. Advanced search –

For pro users, there is also an advanced search option which uses Boolean query builder to offer more refined searching.

Why you should use Adperiscope ad spy tool to spy:

  1. Adperiscope provides two types of search options – Adperiscope offers a simple search and an advanced search. The simple search is easy to use and is favored by newcomers and everyone who likes simplicity. The advanced search is for experienced and tech savvy guys. It gives better results and uses Boolean algorithm. On the other hand, most other ad spy tools like Adplexity Adult and others comes with only one search option which is more or less easy to use and has nothing to offer to the tech savvy guys.

  1. Multiple filters – Adperiscope offers you plenty of filters to set the right target for your ad campaign. For example, there are filters in Ad type, Country, Affiliate network, connection, the source of traffic, number of days campaign is running, tracker tool , size of ad etc. No other ad spy tool available in the market offers such a wide range.
  2. Price – As far as the price is concerned, Adperiscope is tagged with a price tag of $ 89.99 per month per user only. It is far lesser than what other ad spy tools cost and hence is more feasible.

Comparison between Adperiscope and Adplexity

Here, we will analyze Adperiscope on par with one of its major competitors, Adplexity Adult to get an understanding that which tool is handier. Firstly, as far as filteringis concerned, Adperiscope offers a wider range of filters than what Adplexity Adult offers. With the help of Adperiscope, users can not only filter countries, ad lengths and ad networks but also publishers, devices, mobile carriers, and many more. On contrary, with the help of Adplexity Adult users can only filter ad networks, countries, and ad lengths. Secondly, Adperiscope comes with two search options; a simple and easy to use one and an advanced and more technical one. On contrary, Adplexity Adult is equipped with only a simple search option. It has nothing to interest a technologically experienced and enriched guy. Lastly, Adperiscope is more reasonably priced than that of Adplexity Adult.


We would recommend you to use this wonderful ad spy tool, Adperiscope to spy on native ads. If you take implement right actions after spying on your native ads through Adperiscope your online advertisement campaign will surely improve. Do let us know about your personal experience of using Adperiscope in the “Comments” section below. Also, let us know if you have anything to ask about Adperiscope.

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