Some Advice to Increase your Blog Traffic Using SEO

SEO is so important in case of blogging. They will play some vital roles in driving traffic to your blogs. Now I’m here to share some techniques of using SEO in your blog. Below, I have listed some important points for optimizing your blog to get high rank in search results, search friendly and to get more visitors and targeted traffic to read your content.

Advice About SEO to Increase your Blog Traffic

Optimize your Blog Titles

For better SEO please optimize your blog title. These title are so important. While on searching these titles play a big role. Because they only link to our blog while on searching. Many peoples will search for good stuffs. But they don’t know that’s your blog. So give some catchy titles for your post and optimize your log titles. While <h1> tag is so important among all all heading tag and it should be included in the document once. Please don’t use <h4>, <h5> and <h6> tag in your blog post.

Set 404 Error Page, Redirects and Meta Tags

 Add Meta Tags for your blog. Meta tag is nothing but Meta Descriptions. This will help the visitor to find what your blog have which you have added in your description. Then create 404 Error Page and Redirection. Surely these things will help you to improve your search engine rankings.

Create Custom Links

In blogger creating custom links is allowed. You can create custom permalinks for Blogger posts. These links also plays some role in SEO optimization of your blog. These links are needed in the ranking of your blog post. Some search engines also review your posts keywords while ranking your post. For getting advantage in their review use permalinks on your blog for all posts. These links will surely helps you to get Higher PR.

Add Sitemaps for your blog

By adding sitemaps to your blog search engine can easily find your blog post while on searching. So it is better to add Sitemaps to your blog.  Not only post it will discover pages of your blog easily. Now a day you can get stylish and responsive sitemaps for your blog. So add it right now!

Optimize your blog Images 

It is good to optimize your blog post image for better SEO. It will increase your rankings as well as your page loading speed. Optimizing the images on your blog is so important. Because images directs the visitors to our post on their search. So optimize your image to make your blog images in search engines.

I hope this article will guide you through the essential SEO features on Blogger and I hope you like this article. Please share this with your friends. If you have still any doubts about SEO then feel free to share it in comments! Happy Blogger 🙂

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