Google Adsense vs Affiliate Program: Which Helps you to Make HUGE Money?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. And among those hundreds, Affiliate program and Google Adsense are the most possible way to make huge money. Many people are benefited from these 2 services. Before comparing these two big money making resource, I want to tell that Affiliate & Adsense needs more efforts and patients. If you have these two things, then you can join with this article if you’re ready. Then what next? While stepping into affiliate marketing most of the people got confused to choose the program to start in their blogging journey. Not only in affiliate, it can be also found on Adsense too as both has different pros and cons. However this post can guide you to choose either Adsense or Affiliate programs.

Affiliate or Adsense

Before choosing, know their features and try to compare yourself Which one is best? Here we brought some features of both of the program to make your comparison simple. Lets check them out,

Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing – Which one is BEST?

#1 Both Adsense & Affiliate help to make huge revenue online.

#2 Joining Affiliate program is so simple than joining Adsense.

#3 When compare to Adsense, Affiliate marketing pays you more commission which in turns as your earnings. Adsense < Affiliate.

#4 Joining Affiliate programs doesn’t need a blog or website. But these things are requires for joining Google Adsense.

#5 Adsense requires minimum web traffic to blogs, but Affiliate program don’t consider these cases.

#6 As I mentioned above, Affiliate programs approves for any site which belongs to any niches. But for Adsense there should be particular niches. Adsense depends on Content related affiliate program which can gives more revenue.

#7 Affiliate programs payouts through PayPal, but not in Adsense.

#8 Google Adsense is managed only by Google Inc. but Affiliate program offered by many companies.

#9 Control over Affiliate ads are simple, but we don’t have any control over Adsense. But in Adsense you can customize the ads with color and ads sizes.

#10 Adsense is totally based on search keywords and Geo targeting, this is same for Affiliate program too.

#11 Google Adsense doesn’t have any expiry date for payout or for any disapproval of account. But some affiliate programs have expiry date. If you don’t reach minimum payout within a short time then your payment will be cancelled.

#12 Affiliate ads can be made to open in new tabs, but not same in Adsense. You can change it!

#13 In Adsense you can display only 3 display ads & 3 links ads. But on Affiliate program you can show numerous ads as you like.

After reviewing all the features, you might have got some idea on both of the programs. In my point of view, Adsense pays in terms of CPC and on CMP. They also consider other terms too for sharing the revenue with users. So all you need is good web traffic to your blog with good content. If you don’t continue to maintain your blog with these things, it may create some troubles. But these things own requires for Affiliate programs.

In Affiliate programs there are no such terms and others which are followed by Google. But Affiliate marketing is the best & easiest way for website owners and bloggers to make huge money through it. Now a day, affiliate marketing is growing to higher level with social networking sites. Some popular social networking sites are ready to promote their client products and merchants. This shows that, Affiliate marketing depends on Blogs and websites to promote their products. Affiliate program may suits for some bloggers to make big profit from it. But for some people Adsense may help! These people should have tried to put some efforts over Affiliate program or Adsense. So if you concentrate on one thing you can shine on it!

Some affiliate programs are offering $10 to $100 for one sales. Its depends on the product you choose. This is just an example for choosing affiliate program.

Which network I Prefer to Choose, Adsense or Affiliate Program?

Its depends on your own decision to choose Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Anyway I recommend you guys to try both the networks. If Affiliate program is giving more profit then in other side make money through Adsense too. So take part in both of the programs which can results in more money every month. If you’re a newbie then you can go for Google Adsense. After growing the blog to higher level, you can go for affiliate marketing. But in the mean time, try to enroll with some affiliate program too.

Tips to earn more from Adsense

By adding more Adsense ad units it won’t path any ways to make huge money. As seen before, Adsense works totally on keywords. So it will be fine to add 1-2 ad units and one search box enable with Adsense. This can gives you more revenue. And while adding ad units check that you put them in the most clickable part of your blog. Commonly in every blog Header, Sidebar are the most clickable places. You can go for Adsense Heat map to increase your Adsense earnings.

While using both networks, your affiliate ads should not link to content which are not allowed in Adsense policy. Try to read Google Adsense policy and follow them on your blog. This can make better to blog without any problems with Adsense!

Tips to choose Affiliate Programs

You can find many affiliate resources but using this network with great niches can gives you more revenues. I prefer you guys to join Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, eCommerce Programs, Trading Affiliates, Legal Estate, SEO, Software Affiliates and so on. These things can fit for those you have self hosted blogs.

And for bloggers I’ve better option to join some popular hosting networks like Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap and more. You can also go for WordPress Plugins, Themes websites like MyThemeShop, ThemeForest, Templateism, etc.,

While using Affiliate links on your blog, check they are nofollow. For that you can go for this,

<a href=”Affiliate-Link” rel=”nofollow”>Affiliate Text</a>

Adsense or Affiliate Program? Which brings more Money?

You might have got some answer after checking the above contents. My answer will, both the programs are best ways to make money online. Considerable Affiliate pays more than Adsense. As said before, you can earn more money from both of these networks. Only thing you wanna to do it put some efforts and be patient. So my final answer on Adsense vs Affiliate programs may ends up as a tie.

Wrapping up

Hope this article helped you guys to choose any one network either Adsense or Affiliate. Do let me know which network you choose? If you’re using both, then Share your experiences with us in comments! If you have any quires on it, then drop them in comments below! Cheers;)

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