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Till now we might be familiar with the online shopping of millions of goods and products only from Amazon and very often purchase our favourite products from the website at the most reasonable prices. But Amazon is far more than that, many of the customers might not be aware of the fact that Amazon has a service named- Amazon Treasure Truck where a truck carrying all the discounted deals will deliver the products to its customers at the several locations across the country that are decided in advance. This is an innovative and convenient service that was introduced by the company in 2015 to make its products reachable to the people who are living in the outer of the cities.

Amazon Treasure truck

The customers will be given a chance to buy electronic gadgets, outdoor essentials, fresh foods, etc. on daily basis as the list of items that will be loaded in the truck keeps on changing on daily basis. Through this service, you can buy the desired items that you were planning to add in your home with Amazon Treasure Truck coming to your streets. Since inception in 2015 with one Treasure Truck roaming in Seattle; currently Amazon has approximately 33 vehicles that are roaming on the streets in all the major 30 cities in the US.

How do locate Amazon Treasure Truck

We all want to be a part of the deals and discounts that Amazon Treasure Truck will unleashed on daily basis but the most important question is that how will we be made aware about the Treasure Truck that will roam on our nearby streets. You have to adhere to following tips to track the movements of Amazon Treasure Truck.

  • Whenever there will be any offer on a particular day, you can explore Treasure Truck at
  • Also you can download Amazon application on your iPhone or Android. Click on the main menu on the extreme left corner and then tap “Programs and Features”, where you will discover Treasure Truck icon which will guide you about all the upcoming offers and deals.
  • After finalizing the best product out of the available ones, click on “I want this” option, and then click the yellow colored button to find where the Truck will be on that particular day. Select your suitable location and be ready to grab your product at the selected time and location.
  • The best and easier option to stay aware of Treasure Truck offers is to sign in for free text message notifications. You can simply text “TRUCK” to 24193 and stay connected about each and every new offer. Messages are just a way to keep you updated about the latest deals and anytime in future if you think the text messages are bothering you, you can anytime text “STOP” to cancel them.
  • Also you can avail free notifications from Amazon app; click on the main menu of the Amazon app, tap “Settings,” then “Notifications,” and then enable “Treasure Truck Offers.” It’s done!

Amazon has made the whole process very simple so that the maximum number of people can take the advantage of it. The customers while shopping at Amazon Treasure Truck have to be little proactive as the truck loads only that much items that it can easily carry, so there can be possibilities that customers who tried to order product on a particular day and it suddenly started showing “out of stock” as the items are sold out in just a short period of time.

Amazon covers all major cities across US through its Treasure truck that includes Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Tampa.

Also if you are relocated to any other city or want your goods to be delivered in different city, you can do so by visiting the Treasure Truck home page, click on the settings icon on the upper right side of the page, click the first menu item showing your location, and choose a new location from the Treasure Truck cities listed.

Following are some of the products available on Treasure Truck

Products Prices
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor Original price: $199.99

Discounted price: $149.00 using Amazon Coupons

Savings: $50.99 (25%)

Overall ratings: 4.6 out of 5

Panasonic Men’s Cordless Electric Body Trimmer Original price: $69.99

Discounted price: $59.99

Savings: $10.00 (14%)

Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, Standalone VR Headset Best price: $399.99

Overall ratings: 3.8 out of 5

These are some of the Treasure Truck offers among different cities of the US. The customers can experience that different products are sold at discounts on different locations; one Truck may be roaming around the city on a particular day while it will be a day off in another city. You can always get answer to all questions by simply visiting or in the free Amazon app

Benefits of shopping through Amazon Treasure Truck

  • You will get a chance to purchase the products at the discounted prices under daily deals; every time you visit the Amazon Treasure site, you will find one new deal waiting for you.
  • People who are living in far flung areas with non-availability of any departmental store nearby will find Amazon Treasure Truck really beneficial. Among the various locations on the route of Amazon Treasure Truck, they can choose the nearest location and unbox their treasure at the lowest prices.
  • Apart from buying goods at reasonably lower prices you can also sell your older or used products. You can contact Amazon if have something to sell on Treasure Truck.
  • Even if you are physically unable to collect your product at the desired location and timings you can simply send your known one to collect the treasure on your behalf on the condition of sending your QR code along with them.
  • The products/items to be loaded in the truck are carefully selected on the basis of newest and most preferred stuff.
  • Due to high demand of the products, the purchase of the product is limited to one per person so that the maximum number of people can be benefitted through the offers. Amazon keeps on introducing attractive offers and discounts on timely basics; earlier it decreased the price of the GoPro Hero4 by 64 percent from $429 to $179 giving maximum advantage to the customers.

In early 2018, Amazon parked its Treasure Truck in the parking area of Whole Foods’s store; the first deal was for the customers purchasing Instant Pot. The customers who brought this home appliance through the Treasure Truck via the Amazon app will get $10 off and ac coupon worth $40 which can be used to purchase items from Whole Foods. The move is in line with Amazon acquiring Whole Food in in 2017 by paying $13.7 billion as the acquisition amount.

It sounds more like a moving carnival decorated with colorful and vibrant lights all around it; this time the company has expanded much more than its online selling. So get ready to unpack your treasure that is coming to your streets.

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