What’s New in iOS 8? Hidden Features & Functionality With Guidelines on Using it!

Every new iOS Firmware comes out with new features and functionality. As the iOS 8 Firmware for Apple gadgets are now official every users starts upgrading it and experiencing new features. Today in this article we are going to share a huge list of iOS 8 Firmware hidden features with guidelines to perform them on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. As iOS 8 is new one to the world most of us don’t know the real awesome features featured over it. So for those people this article can help them better. And it also makes me to discover and digg more hidden features available on iOS 8 Beta Firmware. As I said before the new iOS 8 has tons of features and functions which you should need to experience it!

iOS 8 secret features with tricks

And those new features will not be shared publicly by Apple we’re doing this job. Wanna to know all the hidden features of iOS 8? Then just follow the article till the last which can reviles more about iOS features, functions and the ways to perform them on your Apple devices.

Apple iOS 8 Secret Hidden Features with Guidelines

#1 Hide Photos with Photos App

How to perform? Just Hold your photo then Tap on ‘Hide’ to hide it from others.

#2 Manual Exposure And Focus Control

How to perform? For it just Tap and Hold to Lock your Focus in Camera mode or in your camera app.

#3 Auto-Delete Messages

How to perform? Go to Settings >> Messages >> Store Messages.

#4 Grayscale Mode

How to perform? For using Grayscale mode Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Grayscale.

#5 Battery Usage with App

How to perform? Navigate to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Battery Usage.

#6 Create Medical ID in Emergency

How to create? Open Health App & create a new one. Then in Emergency Dialer on the Lock Screen, just Tap the Medical ID button.

#7 Self-Timer In Camera App

How to perform? For performing this Go to Camera setting and customize with your own. You can set a timer for 3 or 10 seconds.

#8 Record videos in one Swip

How to Perform? Just Swip to Left to record video Clip.

#9 Rearrange iOS 8 Share Sheets

How to Rearrange? Tap and Hold the option you want to move. Then just drag to your own positions accordingly.

iOS 8 Firmware Hidden Functions & Enchancements

Under Applications

  • DuckDuckGo support in Safari
  • Auto Night mode in iBooks
  • Navigation system for China with vector maps
  • Private browsing in Safari
  • RSS feeds in Shared Links
  • Flyover 
  • iBooks with books series
  • Tips app

Under Camera

  • Camera Timer
  • Instant Burst Mode
  • Panoramic Photos
  • Seperate Focus & Exposure mode
  • Time-Laspe Video mode

Under Calling 

  • FaceTime Call Waiting
  • Wi-Fi Calling

Under Travel

  • Travel Time notification
  • Navigation system for China with vector maps

Under General

  • 24 new Dictation Languages
  • Siri
  • Battery Usage with Application
  • Medical ID, In case of Emergency Card
  • With Indian, Tagalog, Irish Gaelic & Solvenian Keyboard
  • Lunar Calendar
  • ITunes with Siri
  • Snaek Screen
  • Improved Zoom
  • Touch ID
  • Multi Device Support MFi
Hope you’ve known all the major new feature on iOS 8! We will add-up more iOS 8 Features soon after it updates. What do you think about these features? Did I miss any thing here? Do you know any kind of hidden secret iOS 8 features and functions? Then share it with us in comments below! Cheers 😉
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