AskMe Android App – The Father of All App!

For few months we’re bumped with an advertisement “AskMe App” which is tagged as “The Baap of all Apps”. This advertisement is shown on all big media networks and the developer of the app made Ranbir Kapoor to promote this app. As per my consider I like this app slightly, not more!
When you are having a weekend trip to some unknown place, what you will search for? My answer will be, Restaurant, Bank or ATM’s, Shopping Stores and more. So what this app going to help us? AskMe app can help us to find nearby place quickly and simply. After using it, I found many there many features which you can use in your today life. Wanna to know more about AskMe..? Then this review post can help you a lot, though this post is full about AskMe app and its features!
Let me introduce AskMe app to all, what is AskMe?
AskMe is a awesome app which offers users to get needed information related to their locality quickly. As I mentioned above, this app helps the users to find nearby theaters, ATM’s, Hotels, Gas Stations and other local areas. This app is available for Android Operating System which is developed by Getit Infoservice Pvt Ltd. They are popular Indian app developers who have previously developed 2 popular apps such as Freeads and Yellow Page India.

AskMe App
It works with GPS service of your mobile feature to locate local places easily. AskMe app is available for free, you can download it on Google Play Store. To know more about this app, read the remaining section of this article till the end!

What’s it Specialty?

AskMe app is totally different from other Android apps on all cases. You may use many apps on your device for specific purpose. But like those apps, AskMe is not looking same. Its looks like an Mulit-tasking app for all every users. Multi-tasking in mean you can find Latest Deal, Post Ads and you can find nearby Restaurants, Bars, Spas, Doctors, Mobile Shops, Real estate agents, Beauty Parlor, Job Consultants and more.
Using this app is so simple, which implies its User Interface. After installing it, you will be excited! I’m damm sure on it! You can download AskMe android app from Google Play store for free. For making your work simple, navigate through the below link for downloading AskMe app.

Download AskMe Android app from Play Store 😉

What can AskMe app do?

#1 Help to find Onine Deals.
#2 Daily updated ads on different categories.
#3 User can post Ad’s, Deals and other reviews.
# Mainly used to find local area and businesses information’s.
#5 Creating listing on the users favorite stuffs as their personal list.
#6  For contact details to know about particular company such as mobile number, ph. Number, address and other details.
#7 Separate sections for each stuffs!
So these things tend you to give a try on it? If you have not checked, then check it now! I would recommend you to try it out! In means of installing 4-5 apps on your devices, you can go for this app which can make your work easier and without getting on any issues.
Check out the Askme app intro video,


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