How to Send/Post Voice Comments & Messages on Facebook

Facebook the most famous social networking website which ranks 2nd next to The King of Internet, Google. Facebook developers are spontaneously working on making its technology more easy to use and for better interface. Facebook was already integrated with a awesome feature for posting picture as comments. Most of us has done comments by texts and with pictures. So for commenting text is here, picture is also here then what about voice? Are you interested in voice commenting on Facebook? These new tweaks can be done only with plugins and extensions. Recently I’ve shared an article about Installing Voice Commenting System in Blogger. And now here is the turn for Facebook!

How to Send Voice Comments & Messages on Facebook

As I said before this feature is not officially integrated on Facebook. This tweak can be done with the help of an small extension available for Google Chrome browser. So this trick can done in Chrome browser. I forgot to share the name of the extension! The extension call Talk and Comment allows this wonderful feature to send voice comments and message on Facebook. If you install this on your Chrome browser then you can send voice messages and comments on Facebook. Once the message was sent to your friends, they can listen to it. For that they don’t need to install this extension on their browser. Cool!!

Okay, this article will guide you to install this awesome extension on your browser and teach how to send/add voice messages and comments on Facebook. Let’s see how…?

How to Send Audio Comments & Voice Messages on Facebook

Step 1: You need to download Talk and Comment extension for your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: After downloading it will be installed automatically by adding a microphone icon at the top right of your browser. Now just grant permission for allowing the Microphone/Mic by click the Allow button.

Step 3: Now go to your Facebook account and open the message box or status box. There you may notice a new icon added. Just hold the Mic icon and record your message or comment. After recording your comment or message just release to send the message. That’s it!

How to Send Voice Comments & Messages on Facebook

Pretty interesting? Just take look over the above image for preview of it. Hope you guys will like this extension, if it so just share this article with your friends and do some likes. Don’t forget to share your experiences in comments below! I’ve also added a video about its working. Take a look on it too! Happy Messaging 🙂

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