How to Backup Your Blogger Posts and Blogger Template Manually

Blogger is under the control of Google. And,Blogger is a free service by lets you to create blogs for free. You can be proud that, your blog will be hosted by Google servers. So, you want to follow their Terms and condition. If not, they will delete your blog. It’s easy to follow their terms and conditions. The main thing is, you should not copy your content from other site. This is so important.

How to Backup Your Blogger Posts and Blogger Template Manually

Sometimes, without knowing to you, your blog will be deleted mistakenly. The only solution  for this case is, you should make a backup your blog which includes its posts and it design/template. Now in this article, I’ll show you How to Backup your Blog. This is an old tutorial. But, still there are many blogger who don’t know to backup thier blogs. So, for the new blogger this article will be surely useful. 

What is Backup?

Backup is just nothing but, Downloading your Blog Post, Template, and all things which is published from by your blog. This Tool was in-built inside Blogger. It is need to backup your blog before doing some changes. For example, if your going to edit your blog template then before editing it, you should backup your blog template. Unfortunately, your blog may be deleted without knowing to you. At that time, you can use this tool. You can upload the Backup file which was downloaded before. Let’s see how to backup your blog.

How Backup the Blogger Tempalte?

Step 1: Go to Blogger and Choose “Template”.

Step 2: Then, click on “Backup/Restore” option on top right side.

How to Backup Your Blogger Posts and Blogger Template Manually

Step 3: Now, just Click the “Download Full Template”.

After some times your blog template will be downloaded to your system. You can use those files at any time when you are in need.

 How to Backup the Blogger Posts?

Step 1: First, Go to Blogger and choose “Settings” and click “Other”.

How to Backup Your Blogger Posts and Blogger Template Manually

Step 2: Here, choose the “Blog Tools” and select the “Export Blog”.

Now, wait for sometimes. Downloading time may required according to your blogs size. I hopw you like this article. Please share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. If you have any errors or any doubts then leave it comment below. Happy Blogging 🙂

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