7 Benefits of Choosing a Custom Domain for Your Blog

Me too started my blogging carrier with sub-domain which is provided by Blogger for free. I just waited for having some experiences in blogging field. And I gained little experiences in those period and on 18th April 2012 I bought a custom domain & as result Triposoft.com shines now! Most of the beginners are preferring Blogger as their blogging platform as the user interface is so simple & easy to work. If you know how to create a new account in social networking sites then by using blogger you can also able to create your own blog without having any previous experiences or technical knowledge. But you should develop all those skill in future without depending on others.

Custom Domain for Your Blog

In this article we’re going to discuss about the advantages of buying a custom domain than using sub-domain. You can find several of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, TypePad, etc. The only feature which matches all these sites is offer provided by them is free sub-domain. In other words you can choose your own sub-domain like yourname.blogspot.com, yourname.wordpress.com for free without spending any bucks! Rather most of the blogger prefer Blogger as its an development under Google. So by using the sub-domain your web page will not get good Alexa rank, Page Rank, low traffic as it may not be indexed in search engine and you can list up the defects. So to relive from these things most of the pro-bloggers are going for custom domains. As I promised before this article will share about the Benefits of Choosing a Custom Domain for your blog.

Why You Should Buy Custom Domain For Your Blog?

#1 Gain More Reputation

Blogs with custom domains like yourname.com are mostly respected than blogs with sub-domains like yourname.blogspot.com. You may have any custom domain like .com, .net, .in, .org, etc., but all these domains too gain same level of respect as custom domain. And gaining more reputation with sub-domain is difficult in short period. But with custom domain it is possible. I recommend you to have custom domain for growing your blog and to expand your blogging circle like professional blogger. While sharing your blog URL with your friends it makes easy & proud. So I prefer to have a custom domain for your blog.

#2 In Advertising 

If you have a custom domain, then your blog may be accepted by advertising and publishing companies. If you’ve sub-domains then some advertising companies like Buysellads and other mostly won’t accept your blog.  Most of my friends applied with their sub-domains and got rejected. So before applying for any Advertising companies buy a custom domain and increase your blog traffic to their expectation. That’s can do fine!

#3 In Promoting Your Blog

If you create a good impression among with your friends then they will share your blog post on popular social networking websites. So for promoting your blog you need to gain impress more people to shared your blog by them. This can grow your blog rapidly. Most of the people prefer for sharing articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. So if you’re having a sub-domain then it may create bad impression among them. So choose a custom domain for your blog and start promoting your blog!

#4 Gain More Fans & Subscribers 

People only prefer great informative contents. And while searching they only prefer for custom domain sites, not for sub-domains. So if you have custom domain then they will visit your blog and they can follow your blog on Facebook, Twitter and on other social networking sites. They will subscribe to your blog latest updates to receive them via email. Even they will bookmark your sites for future purpose. So these things can create more audiences and surely it will increase your blog traffic too.

#5 Increase in Rankings 

If you have sub-domain then your page rank will increase slowly. But if you a custom domain for your blog then it is simple to increase your blog page rank quickly. So more contents you share over social networking sites can gain more search results over which can results in better page rank for your blog. If you’re having a sub-domain and it found to be having dead/broken URL then the ranking for your blog may reduces rapidly. It can also increase other web page ranks like Alexa ranking and more. So prefer a custom domain and start work to increase your blog page rank!

#6 Grow Your Business Online

If you’re doing some online business, then you should prefer custom domain. Its the best way to promote all your products and brands online without spending much bucks. Choose a related custom domain name which is related to your company because most of the people are first looking at the domain names. You can impress affiliated, banner ads, create a forums, try to write paid content and go for direct advertisers. Even you can go for sponsor ads to grow your new blog rapidly.

#7 Tends to Work Hard

If you’re having sub-domain then you not have any seriousness, though you’re just blogging for spending your time and you didn’t spend any money over it. So to be serious in blogging you should need to buy a custom domain which can cost around $10-15$ per year. Now you have done some investment on your blog, so it can tend you to work smarter and make you much serious. It can create interest and passion. As result increase in your earnings! So Work Harder & Smarter! Do U agree with this? 
What are thinking now? About buying a custom domain? If yes, I recommend you to buy domain from these sites GoDaddy, NameCheap, Hostgator because they are providing domain for flat discount.

Final Words

Do you agree my points? Still need to add more tips? Do you have any suggestion & tips on this topic? Then we are great to hear it from you in comments! Do some likes and share this article with your friends and make us grow! Happy Blogging & Good Luck 😉
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