Best 5 Android Apps for June 2013

Today there are more Android Lovers. Many of them are using Android Mobile Phones because due to it’s availability of apps. You can get millions of Android Apps for your phone. But choosing the most wanted one is some what difficult. So now I’m here to share some 5 best android app you never want to miss it!

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1. WhatsApp Messenger

Now a day this application is available for PC’s. WhatsApp is a smartphone messenger. It will send message by using 3G or WiFi when in need. With this app you can send pictures,videos,audio musics, and more. And this app hit’s most of the heart of Android Lovers. [Download WhatsApp]

2. WeChat

This is an new app. The main feature of this app is you can make free voice call in other you can leave a voice message to your friends with free messaging. And this app was used by more than 300 millions of Android Lovers. There are lot of things to be enjoy with this app.[Download Wechat]

3. Temple Run 2

This is an Game. There is an previous version their you got less running. But in this new version you have to jump,run,run,run. This game is an awesome game. I like this game. This game was created by Imangi Studios. [Download Temple Run 2]

4. MX Player

By using this player in your device you can enjoy a lot by watching your favorite movies. In this app you can get Hardware Acceleration with Subtitle scroll. It is fully designed for Android devices. This app was developed by J2 Interactive.[Download MX Player]

5. Subway Surfers

This is an game like Temple Run.This game has many cool graphics in HD. Here you want to jump and challenge your friends.This game was developed by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games [Download Subway Surfers]

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any kind of suggestions then just leave in comments! Don’t forget to share this best Android Apps with Friends!

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