Best Business Email Practices You Should Know!

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can boost your business significantly. Even if you have the best email client for Mac or Windows, you still have to craft your messages wisely if you want people to read them.

The best way of getting your emails opened is by adapting the best practices for business email etiquette. Read on to discover some of these practices that will get your emails read instead of being discarded to the trash folder.

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Use a Specific Subject line

The subject line of your email should give a preview of its contents. For example, if you intend to invite the reader to an event, the subject should be ‘invitation for event ‘X,’ where X is the name of the occasion. Your subject line should be short and concise.

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Use a Professional Email Address

You should always use your business email address when sending messages to your clients. Using a personal email address is a sign of unprofessionalism. Some recipients are not comfortable with sharing confidential information to personal email addresses.

Use Professional Greetings

Another practice that you should observe is using professional greetings. In some cases, you might find it hard to use informal greetings, especially if you are communicating with a friend or a colleague.

Even if the recipient is familiar to you, make sure that you use formal greetings. For instance, you should use ‘hello’ instead of ‘hey.’

Avoid Group Replies

Some business people make the mistake of issuing the same reply for a collection of messages from different people. Using the ‘reply all’ function seems convenient, but it can hurt your email open rate.

By using group replies, you risk sending messages that are irrelevant to some of the recipient addresses. If such a message reaches its destination, the recipient will mark it as spam.


You might think that the message is more crucial than spelling and grammar, but that is wrong. People still pay attention to the correctness of the language used in your email.

After writing your message, read aloud to ensure that it is free of errors. Reading ensures that you notice any faults that your eyes can overlook.

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Acknowledge Emails

If a person sends an email to you, you should always respond. This applies to all messages, even the ones that do not need a response. Moreover, you send the response in the shortest time possible.

Most business people do not show this kind of courtesy, and offering acknowledgments will set you apart from others. Your audience will know that you care about them.

Avoid All Caps

Using capital letters in a written message is similar to shouting to a person. No one tolerates shouting, meaning that you should avoid all caps in your email messages. The only place you should use caps is when you are writing acronyms.

If the objective is to emphasize a particular line or word in your content, you should use bold text.

Check Your Attachments

Before you send a large attachment, you should seek consent from the intended recipient. If they agree to your request, make use of a compression tool to reduce the size of the attachment. You should also inform the recipient when you plan to send that attachment.

Recheck the Address before Sending the Email

The worst thing you can do as a marketer is sending an email to the wrong address. Not only is the reader going to ignore the message, but they are also likely to report you as a spammer.

You should always recheck the email address in the recipient’s field before hitting the send button. If you do this, you cannot make mistakes.

Protect Privacy

Email messages are vulnerable, as they remain on online servers even if both the recipient and the sender delete them from their end. You should enforce security measures to help improve the privacy of your emails.

Include a Signature

It is advisable to have an email signature that distinguishes you from other brands.  As signature also makes your emails appear more professional and authentic.

You should consider your business email as a business card. This means that the typography should be consistent. Avoid using different fonts and color schemes to ensure that you maintain a professional image.

Remember the Conversation Closer

You should always inform the recipient that they do not need to respond. This ensures that the conversation does not become perpetual.

Some of the widely used conversation closers include, ‘no reply necessary,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘let me know how I can help,’ and so forth.


You need to implement the best practices mentioned above if you want more people to read your messages instead of deleting them. Proper communication is crucial in maintaining a professional image, meaning that you should craft your emails correctly.

When you master the skill of writing effective emails, you will improve your business significantly.

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