Best Food Joints to Order Online

In the age of fast moving cars and faster internet, half of our time is gone online. With various portals allowing you to plan your whole life online and even shop for your dreams online, now ordering food is simple and accessible.

The world on your computer screen or even your smart phone is just a click away and food that you don’t need to cook just click on ‘OK’ seems to be realistic. Be it the working women, hostlers, outstation students or bachelors living away from the family, just order food online to save time.


There are various benefits to order online. You not only save time, but you also get to try various cuisines, and get benefits of certain deals that might not be available for dine-in. Let’s have a look at some food joints that allows you to order online.

  1. Dominos

Dominos Pizza can be delivered by booking your order online or through a call. The store timings are 11am to 11pm. There are various types of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian pizzas along with some finger licking good garlic bread sticks, Pastas and Chocó lava cake. They do not just deliver the pizzas they now take orders for just the ‘sides’. Though the minimum bill value needs to be Rs. 350.  By ordering online you can choose what you want to eat at your own pace and choose to pay online or pay at home.

While ordering online you can even avail fabulous discounts. The Farm House Pizza or the Barbeque Chicken Pizza is something you must try. It is cheap and tasty. Good value for money!

  1. Pizza Hut

Looking for more pizza options, Pizza hut offers a variety in their menu. You can try various yummy vegetarian or scrumptious non vegetarian pizzas. The side orders have a long list of pastas and Garlic breads along with Biryani and Pizza Pockets. You can dine- in, pick up or order online to enjoy. There are various coupons to avail great discounts if you order online.

You must try the pizzas inspired by different cultures and treat your taste buds. Try Rawalpindi Chana Paneer Pizza or El Mexicano Nacho Pizza.

  1. McDonald’s Burgers

Whether you are a kid, or a grownup, you have to love McDonald’s, Burger and when you can order it online it makes it even better. The McDonald’s  Burger Coupons will save you big bugs and you can enjoy your favorite meal in the comfort of your home. Try McSpicy or plain Aloo Tikki Burger along with fries and a bottle of your favorite cold drink.  You can even use your McDonald’s Coupons to order indulge in some deserts.

  1. Dana Choga

Dana Choga Restaurant offers online order facility to a vast variety of menu like Mughlai, Chinese, Punjabi and Tandoori Delicacies. Treat your taste buds to some finger licking food and patisseries. Try Chicken Tikka and Fish Tikka Ajwaini. They even offer outdoor catering.

  1. Burger King

The famous American chain of Burgers offer great meal options when you order online. Try Veg Whopper or Paneer King Melt and Chicken Tandoor Grill for yummy burgers.  You can even order Veg Chilli Cheezos and many more cravers and side orders to your heart’s fill. You can even order combo orders to enjoy great meal.

  1. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is another Pizza joint where you can order online for ‘better ingredients and better pizza’. The online ordering is simple and user friendly. You do not just get a variety of pizzas with multiple topping’s choice you can even save your choice and repeat your order as and when you require. When you order online you enjoy great deals and save some money.

  1. Pind Balluchi

If you are looking for some authentic Punjabi flavor order online on Pind Balluchi for some scrumptious food. Order starters and your favorite vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies and avail great discounts.

When you order your food online, you not only save time you also save money to enjoy more food at less cost.  Great food at better price makes it worthwhile. For your next meal try the above food joints that offer great discounts on online ordering.

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