10 Best Websites to Send Free SMS To Phones Online

Having everything for free make all happy, that too for sending SMS to others make much more happy. The term SMS has ruined by other messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Hike and many more. BY using these applications & with internet connection you can chat with your friends by sending them stickers, audio files, images and many more for free. For chatting both should have active internet connections on their device. But in the case of SMS, you can send only text messages but if one persons has internet connection then the message can be sent to other for free.

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

Sending SMS made easier with the help of  Applications & Online website services by creating an account for you there. There are many website available for sending SMS for free all over the world. There will be hundreds of sites, but you may know which one is the best one..? So if your scratching your head for the best free SMS websites to Send SMS Online then you’re at right place! This article will share about the Best Rated Websites for Sending Free SMS Online to other around the world.

Best Sites To Send Free Text Messages To Mobiles

#1 160by2

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

160by2 is a popular online service for sending SMS to any mobile number for any network in India totally for free. Though the process of delivering the messages so quick, this is so popular. The interface will be so simple and easy to use for beginners. More than 12 million users are using this online service. The limit for standard SMS is 160 & for personal messages the limit is 140. If you’re in hurry to send free SMS within India then you can try this service.

#2 Way2SMS

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

As like the above one, Way2SMS is also a well know online service for sending text messages for free. Here also the delivery speed is good. The main feature of this service is it’s Contact management! You can save contacts there for sending SMS to them. You can also chat with your Gtalk and Yahoo buddies using Way2SMS feature. Even you can get free E-mail notification alert to your phone inbox directly. But all the messages can be sent within India only. It also has Android application for sending SMS through it. You can download it from here!

#3 SlideSMS

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

This one allow the users to send SMS all over the world. Yes! you can send internation SMS for free. SlideSMS offers you to send SMS to more than 200+ countries all over the world. The character limit is set to be 300. The another awesome feature of SlideSMS is, it’s allows the users to send Picture messages also that too for free! The delivery process here is same as others.

#4 SMSCity

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

SMScity is also offer users to send free International SMS. Like SlideSMS, here also you can Picture messages for free. This online service allows the users to send SMS to more than 22+ countries. Another massive feature of this service is, users are allowed to send SMS via MSN messagner too!

#5 Text me Free

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

Text me Free allows the users to send Free SMS message without registration. Which means for sending SMS you don’t need to create  a new account there. Without creating a new account you can send free SMS probably to all countries. Just give an try for this online service and share your thoughts in comments below!

#6 FullonSMS

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

FullonSMS is awesome Online service provider for sending Ad free messages. This make the users feel free to read their messages without any tense. All other online service will displays ads along with the message sent by the user to others. Here you can create groups and you can send SMS with limited texts up to 160 character.

#7 Indyarocks

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

Indyarocks allows the users to schedule messages to be sent to others within India. This feature make it so popular in India. Users can send free SMS around India. The scheduled messages will be sent to the desired persons automatically. Cool!! So this service will be so helpful for wishing our friends birthday or anniversaries by scheduling the wish message before.

#8 AtroChatro

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

AtroChatro has huge SMS collection on various topics. So you can choose the relevant messages. Those messages can be sent to your friends within India. This online service offers the users to listen live music streaming while send text messages. Another best part of this service is, you can send SMS to any GSM/CDMA mobile anywhere in India for free.

#9 Site2Sms  

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

By using this site you can send SMS to any number/networks within India. The maximum limited character is only 260. As like other services this goes like same. Try it and drop your experiences in comments!

#10 Mysmsindia

10 Best Websites to Send SMS To Phones

Mysmsindia is also a famous website for sending free SMS. It is used in different sectors like Financial institution, education institutes includes School, colleges and many more. The best part here is, you can send ad free SMS to others. You can send Unlimited SMS for free to your buddies. There is no character limit!

Hope these sites will be helping you to send SMS online for free. Share your thoughts and experiences in comments below! If you feel that I’ve missed any other best SMS sending site then drop it comments! Happy Texting 🙂

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