5 Best Free Video Converter Tools For Windows XP/7/8/8.1

To watch movies, videos and other things we usually go for TV and Computer. Now due to well developed technology we are using mobile phones and tablets 😀 Its a nice improvement in technology and for doing so we need to make the video file to be supported such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, MKV, MP4 and many more to go. So to solve this problem, technology also gave us Video Converters 😀 So by using video converting tools we can easily convert our required video to our own wished formats. For example, if you’re willing to convert a mp4 video to 3gp file then you can do with the video converter tool for free!

Video Converter Tools

So in this post I’m here to share some best Free Video Converter tools available for Windows PC/Laptops. As the availability of video converter software is more in number, I’ve listed some hand-picked tools below. Here are some Top Free Video Converting Tools for PC/Laptops.

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5 Top Free Video Converter Tools For Windows

#1 Any Video Converter

AVC is a popular free video converter around the world. This tool got both paid and free version. As we’re our title is on Free Video converters I’m going to share only free tools. Among them AVC Free convertor is one! As like the paid version tool, the free version got the similar features like it. All you need is just to choose the format which you want to convert and click on the Convert button. That’s it! Apart from other converting tools, this tool was listed here in top as it got many extra features which helps a lot while converting your files. Extra features in means triming the video, reducing the noise of your video, adjusting the brightness and more. Worried about editing your video with free tool? Then give a try on Free AVC tool!

#2 HandBrake

Next to AVC tool, HandBrake will be the best video converting tool for Windows platform. And another thing, HandBrake is an open source freeware video converter tool for PC. Handbrake allows the users to convert their videos without the loss of quality. In short they can convert their own video with high quality output. And the best part will be its User Interface! So simple to use and fast conversion process makes the users feel happy. Ready to try this tool? If you have any previous experiences then share it with us in comments below!

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#3 Free Studio

As the name implies Free Studio give you best performance in video converting operation. As like other video converting tools, Free studio too got all features with some new features as bonus. Free studio allows the users to download, burn and to convert the video to various supported formats. Here also the interface for using will be more friendly and simple! And all the things are available for free of cost. I recommend this tool to try because I used this tool and got more experience with it!

#4 Format Factory

The well know tool for Windows platform, Format Factory. I’m just crazy about this tool as it got tons of extra features than other tools. This tools allows the users to convert video and also images to their desired format. Which makes this tool to list in our top 5 list. You can convert the image and audio files to your well wished format, but it should be supported by the tool too! And the best part will be is repairing feature. This tool lets the users to repair their corrupted videos easily without causing any issues. If you’re wishing to reduce the size of your video file, then I prefer you guys to go through this tool Format Factory. Yes, this tools allows the users to reduce the size of your video too 😀 Quite Interesting ?

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#5 Wondershare Video Converter

As like other tools, Wondershare video converter powered up with many new features. Wondershare tool is a freeware so you can enjoy converting this tool freely! You can convert the videos to any desired format with quality output. And the conversion speed is good than other video converter tools. Just give a try!

Hope this post ends up with some informative things about video converter tools! Share your thought in comments below! Cheers 😀

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