3 Best Screen Recording Android Apps to Record Your Screen

Screen capturing or recording is now a well known task for all that too for the Windows, Max, Linux users. For recording their screen they are using various programs. And the availability of program is also more in its number. So when we compare the PC with Android both stands equal. Because Android devices are so useful nowadays and becoming as a required gadgets for our day today life. Before the arrival KitKat recording the screen of android mobile is an tough job, but now not the same! The new version Google has offered screen recording app which supports KitKat version. Even though after the arrival of this tool the developer don’t stop their developing speed. They have developed many new creative app on different bases which includes for recording android mobile screen.

As there are thousands of Screen Recording apps are available, its an big matter to choose the best one. So for making your work simple, here I’ve a list of best 5 Screen Recording App for Android Mobiles to record your mobile screen activity and to convert the activity into a video. The only issue behind this is, for using all these applications you have to root or a rooted device. It have so then you can join me other wait till the developers to publish new apps for unrooted devices. If it happen the app will notified here. So stay tuned!

Top 3 Screen Recording Android Apps to Record Your Screen Activity

#1 Rec.

Rec. is the best recording app for android devices. This app has better user interface. Here the users are allowed to adjust the bit rate before they start recording. They can enable audio recording. You can also name your recording before recording your screen. These things makes to feel cool!

Screen Recorder Android Apps

If you click the Record button, it will count for 10 second for recording your screen. So this give better time to prepare for screen casting on your mobile. For stopping your recording you should tap the Stop button by going to the notification bar. But the only drawback here is, you can only record your screen only for 5 minutes if you using free version. If you’re going for paid version then it’s your limit only. Are you so earger to try it?

#2 SCR Screen Recorder Free

SCR works just like Rec. app here in the free version you can record your screen only for 3 minutes that too  with a watermark for that clip. It don’t have any greater interface but it try to make the users to use the app easy by providing buttons for accessing / controlling the application. If you’re recording your screen then the process will be notified at the top right of your screen. This feature makes this app better than others. You can stop recording by turn your screen off for a while.

Screen Recorder Android Apps

There are many customization option available over the setting section. Try this app on your mobile and customize it by selecting Video encodes, video resolutions, transformation with CPU, frame rate and the bit rate. Give a try folks!

#3  Shou

This app has tons of new features for recording your screen which may not be added in other apps. Shou is still in beta version, soon the update will be done. The best part of this app is you can record your screen with stereo sound. Then you can even mirror your device for airplay enabled mobile devices. There is no time limit for recording your screen using Shou. Like the previous one, here also you can customize your own setting for recording your screen.

Screen Recorder Android Apps

Options like encoding, source engine, resolutions of your video, bit rate, orientation and more. It will ask permission for accessing all these features. And one more thing, for downloading Shou you need to join their Google Plus Community. Shou will be available on Google Play Store.

Hope you guys will like these scree capturing apps for Android Devices. If it so kindly share this article with your friends and do some likes! Don’t forget to share your experience while recording your screen in comments below! Cheers;)

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