8 Best & Top Rated Selfies of All Times

A few days ago, I posted about Capturing Photos/Selfie just by Whistling in your Android Mobile. Now today I’m here with some best selfies example  for your inspiration. Selfie are taken by their self without depending on others. Recently one man took a selfie on top of the Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil. Pretty!! Well now I’m going to share amazing list of the 8 most coolest selfies of all time. So the man who took selfie from the top of Christ The Redeemer is also listed in this list. These below selfies are the best selfies ever in history and best in the world. Okay Here I stop my talk, lets check them out,

8 Best Selfies of All Times

best selfies in the world  Forsvaret.
#1 Photo by Forsvaret.
best selfies in the world Kirill Oreshkin.
#2 Photo by Kirill Oreshkin.
best selfies in the world George Harrison.
#3 Photo by George Harrison.
best selfies in the world Alexander Remnev
#4 Photo by Alexander Remnev.

best selfies in the world Lee Thompson.
#5 Photo by Lee Thompson.
best selfies in the world
#6 Photo by NASA.
best selfies in the world Peter Verhoog
#7 Photo by Peter Verhoog.

best selfies in the world Kirill Oreshkin
#8 Photo by Kirill Oreshkin.

Hope you will like these selfies! Do you think that still more selfies to be added on here? Then share it with us in comments! Don’t forget to share which one you like the most from the above selfies! Cheers;) [via]

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