9 Best Social Networking Websites to Promote Blogger Blogs

My point on Social Networking sites is without these networks there won’t be any communication over internet. Because these sites are giving boost to spread the new information all around the world. And this technique is also used to drive more traffic to blog/websites by big geeks. The blogger are using up this strategy to grew up their blogs without spending more time! So as the users increases the social networking sites also increased. At this time the main struggle rises!

9 Best Social Networking Websites to Promote Blogger Blogs

For example, a person is entering into blogging sector who don’t know anything about blogging and they way to grow his blog traffic. Then what he choose Social media to boost this blog site. He will be again struggling to choose the best social networking sites to drive more traffic to his blog. For these peoples this article will give hand to get more knowledge about the best Social Networking websites to promote your blogs.

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So what a pro-blogger will do after posting his article? He will be try to sharing his article via big social networking sites! Do you want to be a professional blogger? Are do you want to know the best 10 Social Networking Sites to promote Blogger posts to high level? Then you can find answers for all above question at here! Yes! this article will share I’ve listed them below with some fine description about them.

Top 9 Social Networking Sites to Promote Blogs

#1 Facebook

The best place to communicate and for sharing videos, pictures, ideas, news is Facebook. It has over 350 million users around the world and its the most popular website next to Google. So targeting more audience from Facebook is an good idea, but for it you need to put some effort over it! I recommend you to add you blog to your Facebook account or create a Facebook page for your blog. Then share every post on it after publishing them on your blog. Even you can create some groups for increasing your blog traffic. So the ways to boost your blog traffic is more. So only I listed it at the top on my list.

#2 Twitter

As everyone know, Twitter is the second most popular social networking sites after Facebook. It is also called as micro-blogging website. I don’t know the reason behind this name. But getting more traffic to your blog from here is so simple. It can be done just by tweeting your article in Twitter. That may makes your article viral and sometime it wont happen! Here all you need is more followers. More the number of followers increase the number of views your tweets also increases. So it may result in huge traffic to your blog. There are many records done on Twitter for more re-tweeted tweets, More followers and the list goes on. That’s not our matter. Here also you can create a account for your blog and a Twitter feed widget for your blogger blogs.

#3 Google+

Google+ is a social website from Google. Google+ is playing a big role for driving massive traffic to blogs and websites. As Google controls it they manage to grew it up to the best social site and it will be a best competitor to Facebook and to other social medias. For Blogger this is so important because Google is considering the rank for their pages according to usage or statics of Google+. As like blogger it is also important to article writers too. If any blog is so popular then the post from their blog will get higher authority or high rank. There are also various tools like Google+ Badge, Google+ Buttons and more for blogs/websites. 

#4 LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 70 million users which will be more suitable for business people. The traffic gained from LinkedIn is great when compare to other social networking sites. It is also used for job opportunities and for promoting blogs. So it will be a great place for doing all these things. And it is also listed in the list of top 10 social networking websites. So this will be doing its job correct. All you need is just to register an account and start sharing your article there.

#5 Pinterest

When compared to LinkedIn on promoting blogs, Pinterest stands top! Pinterest is far better than all big social media sites like Google+ and YouTube too. They are fully targeting on images. So if you’re using any image blog then it is so easy to drive more traffic to your blog. It is just done by pining your images in Pinterest with allocated category. And after pining your blog there it will automatically send direct traffic to your blog and thus results in promoting.

#6 StumbleUpon

Its an awesome site for promoting your blog. Its an best bookmarking website too with huge numbers of active users. Sharing your blog and article here is so simple and if you share anything here definitely you will get at least one visitor from here to your shared post. Its just an example to make you believe how much does it worth for promoting your blog? So this site will be great for promoting your blogs and websites.

#7 Tumblr

Tumblr its my favorite website where I’ll share content frequently. Like other social networking sites this website too promote your blog easily. Here the interface will be nice for sharing post on your profile. It is better on it when compared to other social networking sites. Most of them don’t know about its advantage. Always we want to take everything positive that too in blogging we’ve put some effort for getting fine result. So if you Tumblr then your blog will be promoted to high level.

#8 Reddit

Reddit is the best place to get massive amount of traffic to your blog or get viral. Just add some post there with descriptions and link of the content and share. See the magic! Reddit ranks 73 in Alexa traffic rank and it has also got 8 for page rank. 

#9 Scoop.it

Sccop.it is a best bookmarking site next to StumbleUpon. Here you can create magazines based niches and you can share them for getting viral. You can add many content as you like to spread it across the web using Scoop.it. You can also find similar interests for your content.

Final Words

Really useful? Which is your favorite social networking site for promoting blogs? Share your valuable answer and thoughts in comments below! Try to share new content regularly to gain more traffic and to promote them to high level in search engines too. These things can bring us success rapidly. So work,work,work until you succeed! Cheers:) 
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