Best Upcoming Gadgets of 2016 are here

We all love technology and we believe that these gadgets are enriching our lives. When a year comes to an end what is the first thing that we get in order mind are the upcoming gadgets in the New Year. Every year a huge amount of gadgets is launched. We usually have most of our focus on the gadgets like smartphones, Cameras, iPhone and other apple products, TV etc. Usually the companies that are manufacturing these gadgets release a demo or just a rumor beforehand so that the people get more and more curious about that gadget.

Here we have prepared a list of the top smartphones that we will see in 2016

LG G5: – LG G5 is the phone that is likely to be launched in the year 2016. As we all know LG G4 built a great reputation in the market and since it’s a flagship phone of LG, they are giving the best features in this phone. Many people are trying to get discounts, so here we have flipkart discount coupons that you can use. Hopefully we will see new advancements in LG G5 along with a fingerprint scanner and smart eye scanner. So let’s hope that this will beat the market.

LG  G4

LG G5 Features:

  1. Full UHD Display
  2. 4 GB of RAM
  3. Snapdragon 810
  4. 21 MP camera that will take 4K quality pics
  5. Android M

Galaxy S7:- As far as the galaxy s6 is concerned, it was the best Android phone of the last year. It was well equipped with quality and top quality features available. We can expect the same from the upcoming flagship phone s7. Though we have heard a news that it will have 3D touch along with a fingerprint scanner and many other advanced features.

Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Features

  1. Android M
  2. QuadCore 4.0 GHz 64 bit with 6 or 8 GB RAM
  3. May support 5G network
  4. Super Amoled display with 4K quality

Apple iPhone 7:- We do not need to explain much about this. IPhone 6 was also the best smartphone ever and we all know that. It was pricy and we understand that, but, you will get top quality always with the iPhone. Same is expected with the upcoming iPhone 7. Many rumors are coming that it will have a super powerful quad core processor, but we don’t know the truth yet. The price of this new iPhone 7 will be around 62000rs, you can opt for flipkart promo codes and get the discount.  The flagship phone of last year is already making a boom in the market. We hope that like last year, iPhone 7 will be launched in the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, France, Germany, Singapore first.

Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Features

  1. IOS 10
  2. A10 processor
  3. Reversible USB charger
  4. Upgraded camera

Lumia 940 and 940 XL:- Microsoft recently launched the new 920 and 920 XL and they have got good exposure and popularity. Many sales for the phone have been counted and it’s still continuing. As per Microsoft, they are going to provide some best features in their new flagship phone so we can expect good configuration along with awesome features.

Lumia 940

Lumia 940 and 940 XL Features

  1. 1440X2560px QHD screen
  2. 7 inch screen
  3. 940 XL will have Octa Core snapdragon 810 processor
  4. 940 with hexa core snapdragon 808
  5. Adreno 430 GPU
  6. 3Gb RAM
  7. Windows 10
  8. 20 MP camera
  9. 5MP front camera

Hope you liked our article on best 4 Upcoming Gadgets of 2016, for more updates on these gadgets stay tuned with Triposoft.

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