5+ Best Web Browser for Windows in 2014

We have lots of browser over this internet, but we don’t know which one is better. For those people you can find the best one from here, which means now we are going to discuss about the best free browser for Windows. I have  listed some. By checking this article you can be make your search easier.

5+ Best Web Browser for Windows in 2014


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has many feature which is so useful for the users. You can find lots of plugins and addons for it. And these addons and plugins make your browser better and make you comfortable for browsing internet. It has RSS feed reader inside it with customization search box. This browser was used by million of peoples because they know the worth of Firefox.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a another product from Google. This make you browsing speed. It also has many extension, and there is a separate page for for. And these extensions are so helpful for the users to make the browser better.It has many inbuilt features. You can do your browsing with voice commands. This is an new feature.

Internet Explorer

This is an inbuilt browser for Windows Operating Systems. It is some what old but have all the new features. This browser is available in different versions. You can download it for any device. The new version have better browsing record. So try to use it.


This is one of the famous mobile browser. And this browser can read any regional language. This is the main reason why many peoples are using this. This browser have a better navigation system in it. It will also protect you from some fraud activities. There is an inbuilt turbo mode option to speed up your browsing.

Crazy Browser

By using this browser you can open your page in new tab and later you can able to group your closed tabs. And if you want to open it then you can open it in a single click. So, this crazy browser will be very useful for the person who are doing some research online and not only for them, for all of us because we are also doing research on browsing.


This is also an best browser for Windows. Here you can well developed navigation feature in it. You can browse your internet in great speed. You can get many tools for this browser. You can open links in new tab or in new window. Like the other browser you can find all feature in it. You can bookmark your favourite site.


The latest version has many new features. If your PC is not supporting IE 10 or 11 version then go for Safari web browser. They are all developed by the Apple Corporation. This is the best browser for till now.

Hope this article will be so useful for you. Please share your suggestion after using these browsers in your PC and leave it in comments. If I have missed any other best browser then share it with us in comments. Please don’t forgot to share it with your friends. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

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