5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

Microsoft Windows 8 is released with huge features. Windows 8 was attracted by every Windows users. You can get lots and lots of application for Windows 8. There is separate store for Windows 8 Apps. This is an glorious things for all Windows 8 users. There you can download your wanted application for free. You can even get paid version application for Windows 8. For my consideration most of the peoples are using Windows 8. The main reason is the stylish Start Menu. Windows 8 come out with new styles and with lots of improvements. It is very suitable for touch screens devices. The Start up and the Shutdown of Windows 8 is so fast than any other operating system. Well, here we are not going to discuss about the features and advantage of Windows 8.

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5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

Now, I am here to share some Useful Windows 8 Apps for this month July,2013. As I mentioned before there are lots of applications are available for Windows 8. But now, I’m going to share the best 5 application from Windows Store for Windows 8. These apps are free to use. So for Downloading it from Windows Store you need to login with your Hotmail or Outlook account in Windows Store. Then start Downloading your favourite apps.

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Here are the 5+ Best Useful Apps for Windows 8 for this month July.


5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia site which contains more than 20 million articles. Wikipedia has those million articles in 280 languages. It will be more useful for doing some research, or for some reference purpose. For using Wikipedia you need to go to their website. But now in Windows 8 it is not like that. Here is an Official Wikipedia App for Windows 8. You can download it from WIndows Store and start reading all 20 million articles.

Download Wikipedia from Windows Store


5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

You may hear about this app. This one is one of the familiar weather app for all devices. And now you can use this app for your Windows 8 device also. This is Awesome! This app will display the real-time weather sensors and shows the accurate weather info in the world. Cool! By using this app you can be a weather reporter from your house. You can get all the Weather reports in your home screen. You can download WeatherBug from Windows Store for free. And start reporting the weather details to others.

Download WeatherBug from Windows Store


5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

This is not like toasting a bread for your breakfast. This app will allow to integrate all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram updates in one place. You can even share your favourite article or anything elese directly on FlipToast. By using this application you will not miss any update from your social network sites that too you can manage them all in one place. You can download FlipToast from Windows Store for free.

Download FlipToast from Windows Store

IM +

5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

IM+ is an instant messaging client application for Windows 8. Here, you can add your Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Skype chat, Google Talk, Yahoo  your lovable networks in one place. You can manage them and even this app will allows you to chat with your friends. This is an freeware. You can download IM+ from Windows Store.

Download IM+ from Windows Store


5+ Best Useful Windows 8 Apps for this July

Fhotoroom lets you to edit your photos. For those who want to have fun with their photos then, Fhotoroom is the best application for you. This Fhotoroom is available for Windows 8 that too for free. This is an Award Winning photo app with many cool styles, effects, frames, light leaks, softness and more. By using this, you can even do red eye removal, lens correction, panorama rotate and chromatic correction and more. Start downloading it to your Windows 8 and play your photos. You can download Fhotoroom from WIndows Store.

Download Fhotoroom from Windows Store

Still there are lots of apps for Windows 8. Soon the another set of Best Apps for Windows 8 will be updated soon. So stay tuned at Triposoft! But below I have listed them without any description. But I have included the download link. Check them now.

More will be updated here….

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I hope you liked those apps and my article. If so then please share this article and apps with your friends. If you have any suggestion then please share it in comments.

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