Blizz – A new meeting and collaboration tool : Review!

In this article, we will review Blizz, developed by TeamViewer. Users familiar with TeamViewer will be more excited to know about Blizz than those who are not accustomed to it but it is likely that they will also find it useful. Before going straight to Blizz, we will introduce TeamViewer first. TeamViewer is a remote PC control program. With TeamViewer, one can remotely control a PC from another PC.

TeamViewer was launched back in 2005 and it focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and integrate across the globe in real time. TeamViewer has shown the world that remote support, online collaboration, remote access, online integration are not mere buzzwords for the first time ever. People across the world have collectively used TeamViewer in billions and billions of instances to accomplish their goal which would have been otherwise prevented by time and distance constraints. As per TeamViewer data, 750,000 new ID’s are created every day. Teamviewer comes with a supports more than 30 languages.

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Now, let us get into our main focus, Blizz. TeamViewer has now expanded its portfolio with the development of Blizz and its very own integrated management platform, ITbrain. Precisely, with Blizz, TeamViewer is trying to integrate the online medium. More or less, the theme of teamwork of Blizz and TeamViewer is almost same but however, there are some differences in terms of functionality. With the help of Blizz, users will be able to set up online meetings more easily. All they have to do is signup in order to enjoy the handful of services offered by Blizz. Users can directly go to the website and sign up. Indeed, this is a very good news for users who are not that much tech savvy or are not familiar with TeamViewer. Up next, we will discuss the core features of Blizz.

Features of Blizz:

  • As many as 300 (maximum) users can be a part of an online meeting. This makes Blizz a handy tool for small and medium IT enterprises.
  • There are various options that facilitate meetings such as joining through a phone call.
  • The video call feature offers HD video solutions as well.
  • Supports all major operating systems.
  • Price plans are pretty affordable. They range from $6 to $19 per month only. There is also a free version.

Fetures of blizz

Next, we will give a brief description of these core features mentioned above so that everyone can have a better understanding of the advantages of using Blizz.

  1. Connection –

Blizz uses highly encrypted connections which are of same standards as https/SSL. Government and financial institutions use these encryptions. The encryption is based on 256-bit AES session encoding and 2048-bit RSA private / public key exchange.

  1. Unique ID –

There is meeting ID which determines meetings. It is the unique identifier that determines meetings. Anyone and everyone who is to join the meeting should have a meeting ID. As soon as you sign up in your Blizz account, you will get a personal meeting ID. However, this meeting ID is not a dynamic one like an OTP, it is rather a static ID. After logging into your Blizz account when you initiate a meeting, your personal meeting ID will be automatically used. Others can join the meeting initiated by you using this ID. Similarly, when the meeting is initiated by someone else, you can simply join with this ID if you are invited. However, the story of Scheduled meeting is a bit different. When you schedule a meeting, a unique meeting ID will be generated which can be used to join the meeting. On the other hand, if you are not logged into your Blizz account but start a spontaneous meeting, an altogether different ID will be used. Note that, as the ID is static, it won’t change, and there is one ID for every device.

  1. Support –

Blizz recognizes the importance of delivering a highly versatile service so it comes with great support compatibility. Blizz is supported by almost all major operating systems. To be specific, Blizz supports current versions of Windows, MAC, iOS and Android Operating Systems.

  1. For Windows, Blizz requires Windows 7 and higher.
  2. For Mac, Blizz requires, Mac OS X 10.10 and higher.
  3. For iOS, Blizz requires iOS 8 and higher.
  4. For Android, Blizz requires Android 4 and higher.
  5. ‘Blizz Free’ Package –

As the heading suggests, ‘Blizz Free’ package is available for everyone totally free of any charge. Here, you can connect up to 5 participants maximum. In order to enjoy high-quality audio, use VoIP irrespective of where you are.

  1. Free dial-up –

Moreover, there is also a free dial-up available in the following countries: Belgium, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Ukraine, and United States.

  1. Pricing –

We have already mentioned the free service. Here, we will tell you about the paid services. You have 3 choices: Core, Crew and Company. The Core connection costs $6 per month. Here, 1 organizer can connect up to 10 participants maximum. It is free in more than 10 countries across the world. The Crew connection costs $14 per month. Here, 1 organizer can connect up to 25 participants. There is one more advantage of this plan and that is, meetings can be recorded and reports can be created. It is free in more than 10 countries across the world. The Company connection costs $19 per month. Here, 1 organizer can connect up to 300 participants maximum. It allows recording of meeting and report creation like the Crew Plan as well. Here, you will also get a User Profile. It is free in more than 30 countries across the world.

Blizz Pricing


 The Price Plans is pretty affordable. The paid service ranges from $6 to $19 and there is also free service. We recommend everyone to at least try out the free version once. The paid subscriptions will definitely bring more perks to the table but the free version is also good to start with.

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