How to Hide/Block Ad’s from Facebook in Chrome, Firefox

Online Advertisment is the best solution for growing small business or anything else. And it made as an primary income source by adding the advertisers to publish their ad’s on their websites/blogs. It includes the most popular social network, Facebook. There are many advertisers ready to promote their product here, which results more visitors and get their product saled. Like these peoples, there are also some guys who hates online advertisements.

How to Hide/Block Ad's from Facebook in Chrome, Firefox

Many people hates online advertisment and they just wanna be escaped from those silly ad’s. Most of the people are using add-ons and various plugins to bypass all those ad’s to experience the true, sincere, comfortable while using Facebook. Now here in this article I’m gona to share about Hidding or removing Ad’s from Facebook.

This is an awesome method and needed to everyone who hates ad’s. Well before sharing this article, I thank Rishabh Jain for adding this tutorial on his blog. This method can be done by using an simple userscript. This method is tested and working fine for me. Hope it will work for you too. This special script will remove ads, sponsored ads from facebook. Let’s see how to install this userscript on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome and install Tampermonkey extension.
  • Then install the Cleaner userscript and then click OK while it asking for your permission for installing it on your browser.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Run your Mozilla and install Greasemonkey add-on from here.
  • Then install the Cleaner userscript and then click OK while it asking for your permission for installing it on your browser and enjoy!!

Now, it’s time to see the changes. Open your Facebook account, there will not be any ad’s. Those ad’s are cleaned by this scipts. If you find any issues share it with us in comments. If you like this article, share and do some likes and make us grow. Happy Ad Free surfing 🙂

Courtesy: Hackinguniversity

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