Is Boom Beach the Next Best Thing?

If you love Clash of Clans, then you are guaranteed to love Boom Beach. There may be plenty of similarities to both games (not at all surprising, they came from the same developer, Supercell), but don’t let that stop you from finding out what unique things Boom Beach has to offer—it will simply blow your mind! 
Is Boom Beach the Next Best Thing?

So to answer your question, if Boom Beach is the next best thing, as a true-blue, die-hard gamer, you’ll know what the answer to this question is: YES! And what makes this game more awesome is that it’s totally for free at the App Store! How cool is that? 
Is Boom Beach the Next Best Thing?
You also get to build your own strategy, to make sure your base is fortified, that the enemies, should they get to your island, won’t be able to breach your structures too easily. You also get to explore and conquer islands—if you get lucky. 

You won’t win in Boom Beach all the time, if that’s what you think. It’s not as easy as it may look. But you’ll learn a lot. Trust us. 

Your enemies are just going to keep going and going and going. And what can be frustrating is that there seems to be hardly any way to cope with them sometimes. SO FRUSTRATING! I guess that’s what makes Boom Beach unique. You need to work EXTREMELY hard to defeat your enemies. And once you do, you’re going to feel like you earned it. 

Is Boom Beach the Next Best Thing?
If you’re a gamer, then you should try this. Make sure you have plenty of time to play though. You’re guaranteed to get hooked.
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