How to Find and Download Free Copyright Images for Commercial Reuse

Images speaks more than words. As we need to use images in our articles related to our topics we should find  and download copyright free images. Even though you have better article with useful tips, it’ll be boring to the readers. So in order to attract them, it’s better to use images related to the topic. Images can impress all the visitors easily. So, the images should be simple, attractive, eye catchy and impressible to every one. So, we need to search for better images for our articles.

How to Find and Download Free Copyright Images (Commercial Reuse)

 There are many sites to offer license for the image online. Some of the sites like Istockphoto, Shutterstock and more. The images found there are copyrighted and they should not be used for any commercial purpose i.e) we should not use those images both on blog or websites. If any use those images then they will be sentenced to pay penalty and their websites may be banned to use. So, better using images we need to find whether the image is copyrighted or not?

So, now I’m here to show you How to find and download Copyright Free images using Google. This is better method. You can also find many websites, where you can get free images which are not subjected to any copyrights. They are totally free to use i.e) it can use for commercial purpose.

How to find Copyright Free images using Google

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: There on the Top Right Corner of the webpage you can see the Gear icon. Just Click the Gear icon.

How to Find and Download Free Copyright Images (Commercial Reuse)

Step 3: And Choose Advance Search.

Step 4: In the advanced settings, you can able to view usage column just select it.
or commercial use for free of cost. Here I’ve listed some best website to find Stock Free images easily.

Step 5: Now, in the Drop Down menu choose ” Free to Use or Share, even Commercially. Check the below given image…

How to Find and Download Free Copyright Images (Commercial Reuse)

Step 6: Once everything was finished, start searching the images. The image which are shown in the result can be used for commercial purpose. Enjoy!!

5+ Websites to Download Copyright Free Images

As I said before, there are many website to provide images for commercial purpose. Let’s see how to find and download images for commercial use…..


Flickr is the best photo sharer and the popular website for downloading photos. Here, users are allowed to upload and download any images for free. For doing this case, users are not required for any registration. Here you can find both public and private storage options to store pictures. Those images are well optimized by tags and more. So, they are easy to find while on the search.


This is the another best popular site next to Flickr. For using this users need to register. Here you can find more than 3,50,000 pictures of taken by over 30,000 photographers all over the world. They are all provided for free. Before downloading those images take a look on the given restrictions for using the images.

Similar Sites to download copyright free images….

Free Range 
Wikimedia Commons
The Open Photo Project

Bloggers can use this method for finding the wanted images for their related topics. Hope you will like this article and this will be useful for you. If it so, do some shares and likes. Kindly share your thoughts in comments below. Cheers:)

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