Build the Perfect Room for the Novel Nerd in You!

The quintessential bookworm’s home is infamously chockfull of secret stashes of books and forgotten bookcases. Is your notorious affliction of “bibliophilic” spilling over into your latest home décor project? Are your co-habitants desperately pleading with you to get rid of the knee-high pile of books they now have to wade through? Create a novel geek’s utopia in your home with these off-beat ideas.

Build the Perfect Room for the Novel Nerd in You!

Quirky Bookshelves

Unfettered bookworms are irrepressible hoarders of books. Consequently, their overflowing collections need an accommodating treasure chest to reside in.  The most utilitarian solution to your storage conundrum is of course, the floor to ceiling bookshelf. You can take it a step further with a 360-degree bookcase spanning through every inch of our wall space. If you are a fan of a more unconventional setup, you can go for tree bookshelf to hold your hoarded wealth. If your target room happens to be your bedroom, your bed in itself holds a cornucopia of potential. Get ready to fall asleep under the watchful eyes of your favorite characters with the likes of a foot-of-the-bed bookshelf or a bunk bed bookcase. Browse for a large collection of good bookshelves by urban ladder and similar sites, who can deliver it to your doorsteps.

Vintage Book Haven

Bibliophiles can never seem to get themselves to part ways with any of their books. Everything from one-time-reads to children’s books tend to take up precious space in your bookcases. You can repurpose these old books in a multitude of DIY projects to lend an antique ambience to your room. Create a monogram to grace your wall by carving your old books into letters. If you are averse to cutting into an old book, you can always keep them completely intact and use stacks of books as table lamp bases or even nightstands.

Reading Nooks

It is every avid reader’s dream to have a reading nook of their own – a place to shut out the rest of the noisy world to immerse themselves in a tale. This portal into the fictional realms could simply be a cosied up corner or window sill of the room. Another quirky alternative is a swinging reading labyrinth that could either be a hammock or swing that can be found on sites like Urban Ladder. A more intensive room improvement project might call for the creation for a reading-alcove or even reading-loft. Your customised bookshelf or closet could accommodate your reading nook.

Nerd Accessories

Books need not be the only accessories you use to lend a library aesthetic to your room. Make sure to throw in some pillows, cushions, bed sheets and quilts to cosy up your fortress of solitude. Committed enough bibliophiles can even use bedding accessories that stick to the themes of their favourite books. Another essential for your library themed room is lighting. Use anything from fairy lights to quirky lampshades to lend authenticity to your nook. More optional accessories that can spruce up your room could be coasters with book quotes on them to rest your hot chocolate on, antique clocks and ladders to reach an inaccessible shelf.

Well, don’t wait any longer to dive into your dorkness.

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