8 Best Ways To Build Links To Your Blog

From the past till now all the bloggers are looking to build more back links for their blogs as possible. The only reason behind this is about getting free web traffic to their blog. And it can also result more page ranking and the blog will be visible in all search engine that too under top pages. You can also find many bloggers who depends some contributers who build back links and to do better SEO. To be on the Top of the Google or other search engines your blog should need to have good linking statergy with good SEO. And the most important one is about the content and keyword.  But most of the bloggers are not considering these main things instead they simply share some ideas and with it they like to earn more money too!

8 Best Ways To Build Links To Your Blog

So to wanna be best in building links to your blog you need to know some best ways which was followed by professional bloggers. The bloggers who are in the blogging field knows more about back links. Those personalities have also shared many ideas and tips on it. So here in this article I’ve some tips to build links to your blogger blogs easily as possible. Here I have some 8 tips to build top links to your blog. So it follows,

8 Awesome Tips to Build Links To Your Blog

Tips #1 :

Once you publish your article then the next thing should be done is sharing! But most of the bloggers are not following this one. You can share your published article on popular social networking sites or you can go for article directories. There are many article directories sites to submit your precious article like. Some well know websites like Ezinearticles, Goarticles and more are the best sites to submit your post.

Tips #2 :

Try to visit other blogs and read their article fully and get some idea on it. Then make good comment which relates the post and then build some link for your blog by adding a link. As many people checkout the comment section they will surely visit your blog too, if you have more luck! Be noted, don’t SPAM other blogs.

Tips #3 :

Make your blog to reach out to a big crowd by using Web 2.0 properties. This includes some popular tools like Squidoo, Hubpages and more. Try out all these sites to get large audience towards your blog. The only thing I choosed this way is because of the Web 2.0 has tons of pages indexed by popular search engines. So if you’ve linked your site there then your blog content may be visible to the surfers easily. That’s make more web traffic to your blog too!

Tips #4 :

This can be explained in two words, Guest Posting. So by doing guest positing on other blog can also increase your back links and domain authority at the same time. You may be noticed by many blogger that can create more friendship between them. Don’t forget to add your blog link in your guest posting content and try to write article related to your blog niches. As everyones knows Guest Posting is allowed here. So you can start your guest posting carrier from here. The first step you leap is so important, so try till you achieve!

Tips #5 :

By helping others you will also earn goodness too! Make use of popular answer communities such as Yahoo answers, Ask.com to build links to your blog. Here you can find huge people who are looking for various issues and for other information. They mostly try to use these services only for getting good solution for their problems. If this is boring for you, then you can go for social forums and groups.

Tips #6 :

Create some tutorial or the videos which relates your blog niche and upload them on popular video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo and other resources. As everyone knows that Youtube is having greater audiences and is the best way to promote any new there withing few periods. So make use of it too and make sure you add your bolg link somewhere else as caption or in the video description. This can increase page rank and traffic at same time!

Tips #7:

Try to share unique articles with great content and keyword. This is the nature or true way og building links! While editing your content try to add your old articles withing your new article which can increases your linking for your blog. First find the problem and try to solve that problem. Then share it in your blog and try to impress all readers to your blog and these things can surely improve your blogs linking.

Tip #8 :

Don’t buy backlinks, try to create new ones! And don’t submit your blog in junk blogger directories. If you like to spend some money for your valuable readers then try to arrange a giveaway which can create more impression over readers and it tends more people to visit your blog.

Do’s and Don’t

  • Don’t spend money for Linking.
  • Don’t buy backlinks for your blog.
  • Don’t submit your article in Junk Article Directories.
  • Don’t go for Link exchanges.
  • And Don’t try to link your own blog with your another blog. It can create lots of issues in future!

Final thought

So by following anyone tips mentioned above there are many chances to improve your blog linking. Try all those ways and try to find which one suits for your blog and try to use the same method again and again. This can do fine and you can link your blog with more backlinks as possible in short term. If you’re having any tips then share it with us in comments below! Always patience wins, so be patience till you achieve on your work! Cheers;)

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