Bypass Geo restrictions and unblock US websites using SmartyDNS proxy

Being locational bounded while accessing media on the internet has become one of the biggest concerns these days. Most of the media on popular media streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go and more are bounded geographically to the US, UK or Canada. A majority part of the world is made devoid of the bountiful of content on these websites due to the geographical restrictions imposed on them.

Introducing SmartyDNS proxy


There is a simple workaround to this issue and that is by changing your DNS or Domain Name Server, which usually holds your location related information. By making use of a DNS proxy, you can make these websites believe that you are physically located in some other part of the world. For making this time travel through the internet, you would need the assistance of a powerful tool and one such tool is the SmartyDNS proxy.

SmartyDNS is a premium DNS proxy providing tool that would let you spoof your IP Address and access geo-restricted popular media websites from the comforts of your own location and devices.

Unblocking popular media websites


You can easily unblock popular media websites using SmartyDNS and its free Windows tool. This tool can be downloaded for free from their official website and it clocks a little fewer than 2MB. Once downloaded and installed the tool, you can run it to set up your DNS proxy in under few minutes. You would need to register for one of their premium packages to get access to the SmartyDNS Key.

This key would be inputted into your standalone Windows tool and hit ‘Sign in’. On the main screen, you can choose to get connected to your DNS server in a single click by hitting the OFF button to enable DNS. Below it you would be finding the option to choose a country for the DNS server and the option to update the IP Address after every specified interval of time.

Other notable features

Does not affect internet speed

DNS tends to slow down your internet connection is one of the long held notion among its sceptics, but it isn’t entirely true. SmartyDNS does not cause notable amounts of latency in your internet accessing speed. If your worries about using a DNS is due to the fear of losing your current internet speeds, that won’t be the case with SmartyDNS.

Multiple device access support

The dawn of technology in the past few decades has led to the emergence of dozens of operating systems and hundreds of devices based on these technologies. Having a tool that is equally supported on multiple platforms is essential and SmartyDNS supports all major OS including Android, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Roku, Apple TV and more.

SmartyDNS also allows accessing of the DNS services on all of your devices at once, provided that they all are on the same network.

Easy-to-use standalone Windows software

Just like mentioned earlier, the standalone SmartyDNS tool for Windows is pretty easy to install and use. With just a few clicks you would be running on your new DNS server within no time.

Plans and Pricing

You can access the services for free on a 14-day trial. The premium services start at $4.95/month and the SmartyDNS pricing for multi-month plans are $13.45, $23.95 and $39.95 for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. For all the latest offers and discounts on their DNS proxy plans, stay tuned to their official website to get all the latest updates.

Final Thoughts

If you have been wondering about using a DNS proxy server for accessing your entire favourite TV shows and consume media not available officially for your location, SmartyDNS would be a great choice. Although a high-end VPN server would also provide you with a DNS proxy will encrypting your data, it would be a much financially heavy option for the average user. You can use SmartyDNS to spoof your location in a few clicks and enjoy all of your favourite media online.

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