How to Use Caps Lock Key to Perform Cut, Copy & Paste Operations

Most of us don’t use Caps Lock Key often. Only the people who writes a article that too they use only for writing Heading and above statements. Other than they won’t use and most of them are not using it instead they prefer Shift key to make the letter upper case. Me too will mostly use Shift key to make the letter caps. So now I’m here with a new awesome simple trick to use Caps Lock Key as a Shortcut for making Cut, Copy & Paste operation. Pretty!

Caps Lock key to Cut, Copy & Paste

As the caps lock key on the keyboard is not used regularly, this method can make it to use caps lock key often. So now you’re making caps lock key to use for many useful functions. If you’re trying to do so, then this article will guide you! So for performing this you need to download a small software called AutoHotKey. Really want to check it out?

So if you’re interested in this case, then this article will teach you about using Caps lock key as a Shortcut to perform Cut, Copy& Paste operation.

 How to Use Caps Lock Key as a Shortcut Tool

Step 1: Download AutoHotKey and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Then to create a Macro script, Run Notepad and Copy below script into it.

if (A_PriorHotkey <> “~CapsLock” or A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 500)
KeyWait,  CapsLock
SendInput, ^c
SendInput, ^v
SendInput, ^x

Step 3: Now Save the file with extension .ahk. For example, I’m naming the file as capshortcut.ahk.

Step 4: Then Open the saved file to execute the cut, copy & paste operation using Caps Lock Keys. So for using the caps lock key as a shortcut from Windows Startups then check out below,

Step 5: Now go to C:Users[UserName]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup and paste the .ahk file you saved before.

How to Control?

  • Press Shift and Caps Lock to Cut operation.
  • Tap the Caps Lock one time to Copy operation.
  • Double tap the Caps Lock to Paste operation.
  • That’s it!

Final Words

What do you think about this? Do you like this trick? Hope you will like it! And one more thing, you can change the combination of key as Windows Key + Caps Lock too. Surely this trick is gonna be so useful for all professionals and for those who really likes to use more shortcut keys. Hope this trick will be new to you, if you’re having amazing trick with you then share it with us through guest posting or comments! Cheers;)

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