How to Take Screenshots in HTC One

Capturing your screen is a good idea to share your screen with your friends. Capturing Screen on computers is so easy than on the Smartphones. You can get many apps for capturing your screen in computers. But, it’s not so like that in Smartphones. In Smartphone, you can press the “Print Screen” for taking screenshots of any app. You can find this button on your Home screen. But, for using this method you need to use 2 keys together. So, this method is really a tough job for you. Anyway, you’re in need to capture your screen.

How to Take Screenshots in HTC One

Well, now in this tutorial I’ll show you How to Capture Your Screen easily. Below, I have mentioned two methods. You can choose any one method which you prefer easy.  This tutorial is mainly for HTC One. If you’re lucky then you can use this method for all your devices. Let’s see how,

Method 1: How to Take Screenshots in HTC One 

Step 1: In your device, just Open the screen which you want to take a screenshot.

Step 2: Then, Go to the section of that page with the same page.

Step 3: Now, in that page start pressing the “Power” button for a while. You can find this power button in the left corner of your device.

Step 4: While pressing the power button, you need to push the “Home” button at the same time. You can find this Home button at the bottom of your device.

That’s it! You have successfully captured the screen. And, now you can share your captured screenshot. Enjoy! If you feel this method is little tough then you can prefer the  second method which was mentioned bellow,

Method 1: How to Take Screenshots in HTC One 

Step 1: Like the first method, just Open the screen which you want to take a screenshot in your device.

Step 2: Then press the “Power” button continuously and volume down key together. Note that, you need to press both keys at the same time. Then some second your screen will flash. Which means you have taken its screenshot successful.

You can choose any method from these methods which was mentioned above. I hope that, you have successfully taken a screenshot of your HTC One device easily. Kindly share this tutorial with your friends. If you have any doubts about this topic then leave those doubts in a comment below.

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