How To Change Facebook Profile Picture with Original Size

Changing Facebook profile picture isn’t a tough job, but anyhow while doing it create some issues. It can be changed daily or weekly or monthly as per your wish. There is no limit for changing the profile picture. But while changing your profile picture you will face some issues of making your DP cropped first then it should be uploaded. So cropping the image first give some tense over it.

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So while changing it you will find two options below the image editor. One will be “Skip Cropping”. And with that there will be “Crop and Save” and Cancel button. But in other option you will find “Skip Cropping”. These things show that the Facebook user interface is not same. It differs for every device. So it can be resolved by using a mobile device, it can solve. Rather, if you try it on Desktop version it won’t be done!


Now this post is totally on How to Change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping? This can be done simply by following the alternative of Facebook. So in this post I’m going to use about mobile version sites. It can say by going through mobile sites with an extensive “m” before the actual URL. So for the full method check the remaining below post.

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How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping?

Step 1: – Type and open “” from your desktop browser.

Step 2: – Then Login by providing your username and password.

Step 3: – Now just click on the Top Right Pane found next to the Search option.

Step 4: – In the next step, you will see your profile. Just click your profile picture and go ahead!

Step 5: – Then click the Camera Symbol on your profile picture and upload your required photo which you like to make it as your Facebook profile picture.

Step 6: – Once you have uploaded just click Set as Profile Picture button. That’s it! You have successfully changed your profile picture without cropping the image. Have some fun 😀

Final Words

Hope you like this tutorial post and it would be helpful if you’re searching for changing the profile picture without cropping in Facebook. If you’re facing any issues, then let us know them in the comments below! We try our best to solve those issues ASAP. And we should hope this bug will be soon fixed by Facebook, but not for all. It will be a slow process. We are going to share article on Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools next week, Stay tuned 🙂

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below! Cheers 😀

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