How To Change Your Mobile Display Into Mirror in Android, iOS, Nokia

If you’re a good fashion designer then this article will be useful for you. While, designing your face or other face you will need the mirror. So, you will carry the mirror with you. But, after reading this tutorial you will change your mind. We’re living in the world full of technology. And everybody is having Smartphones. You can many apps for their smartphones.

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Anyway, in this article I’ll help you to change your Smartphone Screen into Mirror. This trick is available for iPhone, Android, Tablet and even for Nokia mobiles. From this time, for makeup your face you don’t need a mirror. You just need your Smartphone. This case will be satisfied by using one Awesome App called Mirror Free Cab, which is available for major devices. By using this app, you can change your mobile device into a mirror. As I said before this app is available for Nokia, Samsung, Android, iPhone.

How to Change your iOS device into Mirror

How To Change Your Android, iOS, Nokia Mobile Screen Into MirrorHow To Change Your Android, iOS, Nokia Mobile Screen Into Mirror
Download Mirror Free cab and install it in your device.Then after installing it in your device, add some cool effects to your mirror. Even you can add various frames to your mirror. I hope this app is need for everyone. It will be very useful for teenagers for checking their Hair style. Well, Mirror Free Cab will support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. And also it requires iOS 4.3 or later. Well, Mirror Free Cab is optimized for iPhone 5. Try it in your device and share your thoughts in comment below.

How to Change your Android Mobile into Mirror

How To Change Your Android, iOS, Nokia Mobile Screen Into Mirror
Here also we’re using application for converting your screen into a mirror. Like the iOS device, you can also change your Smartphone Screen into Mirror for free. For doing this method, you just need a Android Smartphone. Now a days, we’re getting Android OS in all brand mobiles like HTC, Samsung, Micromax, Sony or other devices. Here also you can add effects and frames to your mirror. You can download this App from Google Play Store for free.

How to Change your Nokia Mobile into Mirror

How To Change Your Android, iOS, Nokia Mobile Screen Into Mirror
Nokia is the most popular Smartphone Manufacture in the World. Their mobile designs are so unique. In India, Nokia mobiles are used by many peoples. And the most luckiest thing is, you can change your Nokia Mobile into a Mirror for free. This Camera Mirror app is available for free in the Ovi Store. You can get many apps for Nokia mobiles from Ovi Store. The another thing is, this app is a freeware. It is easy to install it in your Nokia Mobile.
Download Camera Mirror from Ovi Store for All Nokia Devices.
I hope you like this article. Kindly share this article with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. If you got any doubts about this topic then you can leave those errors in comment bellow. If you have any better idea about this topic then make us to know it in comments. Have some fun 🙂
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